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A Sudden Lull - Does it Mean anything?

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 09:57 AM
I'm a little concerned with sudden lull in the earthquakes, volcanic and tropical activity. I know I really shouldn't even be thinking about this and just be grateful for the reprieve, but oddly I'm more on edge now that it is so quiet, than when it was active.

It is supposed to be peak hurricane season right now, yet tropical activity is relatively quiet. Ophelia doesn't count because she developed right before the lull started. But then again look at where Ophelia is now, she's more a noreaster than a hurricane imo which strange in itself. Also looking at satellite imagery and other conditions it doesn't quite fit, there is alot of wave activity right now, but conditions aren't favorable for development for most of these for at least another week. The strangeness in the tropical activity is really what alarms me the most. We started out with peak season activity in the beginning of the season and now in peak season it's quiet again, could the tropical cycle actually be changing and hurricane season either extends or starts earlier, finish sooner type thing?

Then the earthquakes, last week it was rocking all over the world and then suddenly all the little tremors seems to have dissappeared and well activity has sort of settled. We still have a few earthquakes occuring but well i don't know, they don't seem to fit the pattern we've had over past few months.

The volcanic activity since the beginning of this year has increased dramatically, many volcanoes sprang to life and other active ones increased their activity, growing bulges etc, but now everything seems to be status quo.

Maybe I'm reading too much into these things, but this sudden lull unsettles me, and I have to wonder what's next, will activity slowly increase, remain dimished or spike? Does this quiet mean anything? It could mean absolutely nothing, but I don't know, your thoughts?

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 10:06 AM
Just a thought but perhaps the major solar storm that is taking place currently has something to do with it.
Our earth is in a state of chaos due to a number of environmental and man made factors. Perhaps the sun's gravitational pull and the solar flares are having a temporary stabilizing effect on the earth's gravity thereby calming things down for the moment.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 10:34 AM
Let´s think about it for a while...

We had a large X17 solar flare with ongoing proton storm, several CMEs, likely to have been produced by a multitude of M and X class events...
On the 11th, Regenmacher warned about this:
Current Levels: 2005 Sep 11 0900 UTC
Geomagnetic Storm: G5
Solar Radiation Storm: S3
Radio Blackout: R3
Aurora Activity: Level 10 at Sep 11 0903 UT
K-index: Level 9 (520 nT) at 11 Sep 0900 UTC
Solar Wind: Speed:1001 km/s - Density:3.46 p/cm at 11 Sep 11:15 UT

Mount St. Hellens Volcano´s current status is Volcano Advisory (Alert Level 2) & aviation color code ORANGE.

Forecast on the 12th was:
The geomagnetic field is expected to be active to severe storm on September 12 and unsettled to major storm on September 13...

Furthermore, humans & animals are affected by these solar flares...

Strange and unusual weather, tornadoes, blackouts, etc. everywhere...

And no important earthquakes? Do you really think this calm we have is true? I mean, will the worst of this solar flares be over or on the contrary, do we have to expect seeing the real consequences later?
I wish I could look into the earth to see what is really going on there inside...

And you?

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 11:12 AM
I'm not suggesting that the solar flares are not having a deep effect on the earth and our communications and such. I was just theorizing that maybe due to this it is causing a false calm. Because we know so little about the impact of these flares with exception of power and communication outages. We are not certain what long term effects it could have on the planet.

Think of it in terms of a rope and remember I am only offering a theory.
This planet is stressed and as a result we have natural calamities. The "rope" which represents balance say is now slack. I hope this makes sense because it does in my head.

Because the rope is slack the balance is out of whack and hence the earth revolts. Enter the solar storm. The gravitational pull the flares are giving off are temporarily stabilizing the "rope" bringing the earth back into balance.

We do know these solar flares are very large and have an effect on the planet but maybe we won't see those results or affect until after the solar storm is over and the "rope" becomes slack once more.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 11:31 AM
There's been 552 earthquakes in the United States in the past week

And a 171 M4.0 Earthquakes in the past week WorldWide

That's not all that far off from any other week..

I can't really comment about the Tropical pattern.. it seems pretty normal to me..

The 3 hurricanes one after another (like last year) was a fluke and not likely to do it again this year

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 02:13 AM
Well, it does seem weird and quiet, but at least with the sudden lull in tropical activity, that is somewhat reasonably explained. The super-strange weather the U.S. has had this year is pretty much matched by odd weather everywhere else, and as I understand it, the most recent tropical waves out of Africa are carrying Saharan dust. They have had less rainfall this year than in other, more typical years, as have I, here in New England! So the systems that cross the ocean are heavier with dust than usual, which inhibits tropical development, even though the water is so unusually warm. The two factors are cancelling each other out, luckily for the US!
The scary thing for me though, is the eventual impact of these strange weather systems- it seems like Africa is losing more and more topsoil with every wave that sails out, which could be disastrous, and that the east coast of North America is going to have some pretty warm water heading into nor'easter season and into the blizzards. I'm expecting a ROUGH winter.
PS Silly trivia note- the fuzzy wolly bear caterpillars that are supposed to 'predict' the weather? You know, the brown and black ones- if the black parts are big, hard winter, if the brown middle is, warm winter? Well, I've been seeing a few so far this fall- and they were white! I've never seen that before!

PPS. Can't wait to read all your theories as to why the tectonic stuff is so quiet these past few days! Very strange- especially after the Brawley earthquake storm last week!

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 07:59 AM
thanks for the responses

and thanks for those links quietsoul, they will be good to compare with this week's activity. IMO the lull started on or around September 9 when the solar activity increased, which was sort of strange imo, I expected more activity with the increase in solar activity.

Now get your tin foil hats ready, cause I have a nutty theory
I was looking at the haarp site and well it seems pretty active, not sure if they are just recording activity or producing activity, but I think "a shield" of sort may have been activated and is being tested. Is it possible that HAARP is trying to shield the western hemisphere from the current bombardment of solar flares?

I know I probably lost a whole of you guys with that one

but it's just a theory and/or speculation and I am not making any claims that this is indeed factual. I still find it odd that it's so quiet, but I also have to wonder if the major deep plate shift could also be contributing to the quiet, perhaps taking stress off other plates and areas???

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 08:43 AM
I don't think that any sheilds would be effective in blocking solar flares especially X17 flares. These flares have the capability to interupt high frequency communications. HAARP runs high frequency so if nothing else they may be testing intensity as opposed to sheilding.

With these flares too they can take up to 2 - 3 days to even reach the earth and currently the earth is tilted away from the sun so that is helping block some of this activity but I still think that the magnetic pull from the earth to sun is having a stabilizing effect for the time being.

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 09:03 AM
Isnt the moon coming up to a full...

I tend to agree as I have said in the quake thread, its weird. Quakes in different spots, quakes not reported on, then what looks like toatal calm....

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 10:18 AM
yup- according to the Farmer's Almanac, "Full Moon: 17th day, 22nd hour, 1st minute".

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