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fallen angel?

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posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 08:46 PM
I rushed too, so forgive me as well....

For Heaven's sake DO NOT try the exorcism ritual! Battle with infernal forces requires tremendous faith and preparation.

Several people have stated the importance of seeking medical evaluation. I must emphasize this point as well. There are any number of medical reasons that can explain many symptoms. Even the church insists on full physical and psychological examinations before attempting an exorcism.

Having said this, I do indeed believe in the power of an active force of evil in this world. Please seek help from a religious authority once all medical options are exhausted.

If it's demonic, you are not prepared. If its something else, it still can be incredibly dangerous. Get help

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 02:47 AM
You are not crazy. Demonic oppression is REAL.

I highly recommend the following resource for deliverance from demonic oppression:

(Saint Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling)

It offers self-help resources as well as personal consultations.

The main website which sponsors this website


It has a spiritual warfare forum which presents answers
to many questions about the occult and demonic oppression.
The site for this forum is:

Also I WILL be lifting you up in prayer for your protection and

Hope this helps.


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