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Australia loses the ashes

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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 10:18 AM

Originally posted by Netchicken
Somehow I think this crowing about winning the Ashes to be misplaced when England hadn't won a series for the last 18 years. Next year will be a crucial competition to see if this is just a one off fluke, or the beginning of a new cricketing power.

IMHO winning it once is a feat in itself..
You can't fluke win a test series..In cricket atleast!!

Each test, spread over 5 days is extremely difficult to win considering the fact that tests can be very easily drawn, i.e. no winner-types..
Most tests are infact drawn, and winning just one requires a constant effort throughout the whole 5 days.
And then if you have a 5-test series, it becomes even more improbable to win it all.
Esp. when you're playing against Australia.
We (India) were in a position to beat the aussies in Australia a few years back, when we won the 1st test..but we squandered the opportunity, by losing the 2nd one.

The 3rd was drawn.
This is the Border-Gavaskar trophy, a tapered-down versio nof the Ashes between India and Australia

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