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Strange experience (maybe/probably just dreams?) in the '90s. Help appreciated.

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posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 10:44 PM
Preface: I have seen many threads in which members request information or assistance relating to strange experiences or questions they may have, only to be rebuffed, criticized, and called liars. Because of this, I must preface what I am about to post by saying that I have no proof, and that I am willing to brave your hostility if need be in the hope that I might gleam at least some useful information from the discussion I hope develops, be it favorable to me or not. Also, I wasn't sure where to place this, but because of certain aspects of it, I felt it belonged here. If not, mods please feel free to move it to the appropriate forum.

K. Here goes nothing.

I am a 23 year old man, and I live in San Francisco, California. I was born here, and have lived here all my life. For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in the unknown, and the as yet unexplained. In 1992 (I would have been about 11) I met several friends who shared these interests, and we started an after school club in which we could read about and discuss all things unexplained. It helped us to feel not quite so alone in our admittedly bizarre fascinations.

In 1994 or ’95 (I was 13 or so), myself, my mother, and at least two of those friends all experienced something which I have sought to explain through every rational means at my disposal for a decade. I have thus far failed to do so. We all had the same dream, on the same night, about the same place

I will describe parts of the dream, but because the dream included dozens of strangers as well, it is my hope that others may have shared this experience, and will confirm this by sending me a u2u describing the aspects I’m intentionally leaving out. If not, then I will include the full details of the dream to advance the discussion.

In this dream, we were taken from our homes to a secluded location here in the city. I will say that it involved, in part, a park and a parking lot. Both were and still are next to a freeway or highway. A pedestrian bridge crosses the freeway/highway, and leads from a short street on a hill (this short street is the cross street that intersects with the street the parking lot is located on) to the park. The park is located on a small hill, lined by trees, behind which is a dirt embankment. The park is abandoned, yet is routinely renovated. I have never observed anyone in the park, at any time of day, on any day of the week. Prior to this dream, none of us had ever seen this park, and had never even been in that part of the city.

In her dream, my mother recalls being driven in a strange looking car or van to the aforementioned parking lot. She remembers seeing a street sign. (I will say what the street sign was if no one u2u’s me sharing a similar experience or once they do) After this, she found herself in the parking lot, and I and my friends found our selves in the park. She experienced a bizarre “encounter” in the parking lot, and saw a strange craft hovering over her. She saw a smaller craft take me, quote, “around the corner, and down a small hill.” Her “encounter” continued until suddenly some people in what appeared to be military garb of some kind burst into the parking lot and surrounded the area. Here, here dream skips ahead to being in a drugged state in a van or car of some kind, being driven home, and then being in bed and going to sleep.

In our dream, I and my friends were standing in the park in a daze, unable to speak or move, staring up at something. There were dozens (if not more) of other kids with us. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and we became alert and able to move. I heard everyone scream, and there was a huge commotion as everyone scattered in different directions. We were terrified because we saw a strange craft hovering over the park, and once we were able to think and move (following the flash of light) we all ran for our lives. Some of us slid down the dirt embankment behind the trees into a small valley-like field below, and others scattered out across the highway/freeway. Oddly enough, there didn’t seem to be any traffic. Just as we were about to escape (or so we felt), there was another flash of light, and we can’t recall anything else after that except blinding light and a few disorienting views of the wooden play structures in the park.

We had our alarm clock set for 8 AM and had gone to bed early the night of these dreams. We woke up at 11 AM, and the alarm wasn’t set anymore. Neither my Mom nor I were close enough to it to have turned it off in our sleep. I thought nothing of it until Mom told me about her dream. I called one of the friends I had seen in the dream, and before I could get the words out, he started talking about having had the same terrifying nightmare I had just had. Another friend I saw in the dream responded with the same.

Believing this was all a coincidence, we got together, and I handed my Mom and two friends who recalled the dream notepads. I asked them to draw the craft they saw. I did so as well. When we showed one another our drawings, they were identical. Mom drew the craft that had taken me “around the corner, and down a small hill,” and my friends and I drew the craft we saw above us in the park.

Freaked out, we started looking for a street matching the street sign Mom saw in her dream. I still thought this was all nonsense. I would have loved it to be otherwise, but I felt it was ridiculous despite that. We found a street, and went looking. In almost no time at all, we found the parking lot. It was identical to my Mom’s dream in every detail – colors, sizes, angles, location of objects, etc. I briefly considered the possibility that Mom was trying to pull our leg, until we went “around the corner and down a small hill” to follow the cross street mentioned above. There we found the pedestrian bridge crossing the freeway/highway. I was now alarmed, and trying desperately to reconcile this with my belief that this was still just a coincidence.

We crossed the bridge. On the other side, we found the park. It, too, was identical in every respect to my dream, and, according to my two friends, their dream as well. The playground was there. The tree line was there. The dirt embankment was there. It was suitably abandoned and secluded. It wasn’t just similar. It was identical. Even the way the freeway/highway looked from the valley-like field, and from the bridge, was identical. The valley-like field didn't just look similar; it looked exactly like what I saw in my dream.

We tried our best to play this off as a bizarre but explainable coincidence. However, my Mom and I began to experience a series of new dreams. In these dreams, we would awake in the night feeling a needle prick in our arm or elsewhere, and then be taken (while in a trance-like or drugged state) by van or bus to an underground tunnel of some sort. There we would be interrogated by military looking people in uniforms. We weren’t the only people in the dreams; there were dozens – and once or twice, seemingly hundreds – of other people being interrogated as well in the dream. My Mom and I always had these dreams on the same night, and recalled identical details, including visceral descriptions of the effects of whatever we were injected with. We could never recall where we were taken in the dreams, or the route taken, but on once occasion we did see either the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge from where we stood as we were heading into the tunnel. We wrote all of this down in journals.

When I told my friends about these new dreams, they reacted with skepticism, saying that they hadn’t had them. They eventually stopped talking to me, and said they wanted nothing else to do with me. We lost touch, and I haven’t been able to contact them since that time.

I came down with chronic and unusually severe upper and lower respiratory infections around this time, so frequent and severe that I was forced to drop out of school and enroll in the school district's Home Bound program. These ailments have plagued me to this day, and have always been accompanied by unusual symptoms that my doctor (and various specialists) have been incapable of preventing or explaining. I do not personally believe there is a connection between these dreams and whatever might be up with my health, but I felt I should mention anything that might be relevant.

To conclude, it is my hope that someone in San Francisco or the wider Bay Area might be able to u2u me with similar experiences, so that I can figure out whether we’re just nuts, or what. If nobody does, then I will post more details, some satellite images of the locations I'm mentioning (incase anyone here has experience with photographic analysis), and some links and other information that I feel could possibly pertain to all of this. Some of that will have to do with information provided by my father (who served in Viet Nam as a master sergeant with the Green Berets, and briefly was associated with the CIA following his honorable discharge due to spinal injury). He keeps an open mind about all of this, but tries to be skeptical whenever possible. He too has been unable to explain these dreams.

If anyone here can offer any suggestions, clues, or leads that might help me to explain these events (or offer a more mundane explanation!) I would be profoundly grateful. I have tried my utmost to explain these issues, and neither I, nor my physician, nor a series of psychologists, have been able to. I have been told by them that they do not resemble waking dreams, or mass hysteria. I want to believe that nothing unusual happened, but I am 23 years old now, and this experience (or dream, or whatever it was) haunts me to this day. I can’t stand not knowing what happened, or whether anything happened at all. Any help or information would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 11:45 PM
Did you ever consider the possibilty that those dreams were an actual occurence. Maybe you were injected with a brainwash like drug. (This is in no wa y rational thinking). I once had a dream I was with this girl, my ex girlfriend and two other guys in a forest and I started getting angry that someone had smoked my weed. The following night my girlfriend ended up getting a call from the same girl who was in my dream wanting to know If we wanted to take some mescaline. We agreed and headed toward this really wierd part of my city called fabreville. What freaked me out was that all of the people that were in my dream were there, except for this guy we will call V. We SCHNOOTED the mescaline and must have smoked a joint or two. We then decided to walk down this reallly long street, which eventually led to this forest where most people who live in fabreville go to "hang out". Anyhow, some really crazy stuff happened afterward and his has to do with psychic manipulation.....I'm not gonna go on any longer because everyone will judge and just say that i was on drugs, just like any follower would.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 06:37 AM
I have considered it, but I would rather find alternative explanations. However, if nobody else in the Bay Area has had similar experiences that they can u2u me about, I will post the rest of my info. That info is a bit more difficult for me to ignore, though I would still like to.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 07:07 AM
there was some info leaked (dunno were i heard it )that there wa san encounter and some ppl had to be 'wiped' so it could have been u

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 07:47 AM
The Human brain is capable of things beyond our comprehansion.

I once saw a documentary, about a family which kept having this same dream, about travelling in a car in a forest, then it got foggy, then they had a horrible accident. I think they ran off the road, into a lake and all died.

This then happened in real life to them, with everything exactly like in the dream They decided to stop, and wait until the fog is over.....and they recon it saved their lives.

Anywho, I think it's pretty obvious what happened to you. There was a mass abduction by the Greys, you and all those people were abducted, and the government brainwashed you all, with whatever drugs they had avaliable to them at that time.

Fortunately, you cannot just erase things from a human brain, only "hide" them.

It's important for you to understand that it all really happened, but you are probably in no danager right now....

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 08:21 AM
Wow thats amazing!

me and my ex girlfriend also had the same dream, and the funny thing is,
it was round about the same time 1994 / 95/
that morning we both awoke feeling groggy and tyred, the first thing on our minds was the dream we had, it was amazing we saw the same thing,
let me explain:

we were both standing in a field looking up at the sky
then the sky opened just like a zip u use on a jacket, then a massive gigar shaped ship came through, it was about 2 miles long just hovering in the sky.
we were both spooked let me tell you.
i have'nt really thought about it much lately,
but i do remeber it quite vividly.

i'll keep my eye on this thread for simlar stories

grate thread

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 08:59 PM
I was going to post the rest of my details this evening if no one had u2u'd me in 24 hours. I just typed up the rest of the info, made links to satellite photos of the given locations, and added information on something unusual my Dad saw at Hunter's Point once that could conceivably be connected to this ...but my browser crashed.
So I'll do it again tomorrow. For now, I need sleep.

Thanks very much for your input thus far. If anyone has had similar dreams in the Bay Area at any time, but especially in the early to mid 1990's, please u2u me so I can see if your details match the ones I've intentionally left out for the purpose of confirmation.

Half of me hopes nobody does because this is really freaky, and though it haunts me, I'd like it to be nothing.

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 09:02 AM
Ok, after failing to last night, I will try to post this again now *crosses fingers*

The location I'm speaking of is this:

The photograph is oriented with the north at the top, and the south at the bottom. The park is north of the highway. It was dilapidated and in total disrepair back then, but as you can see, is much better maintained now. Where the tennis court now is, is where I and my friends were standing in the dream. The play structure is west of the tennis court in a large "sand box" like area. I have been to this location on multiple occasions, hoping it might yield some clue, convince me it was all just dreams, or, if not, jar a more complete memory. Never once have I seen a single person in this park, at any time of day, nor on any day of the week. It apparently remains completely abandoned, yet is well maintained nonetheless. I believe it is an attempt to beautify what is an otherwise fairly grungy neighborhood. At the time of the dreams, the tennis court was just an empty lot with cracked concrete and weeds overgrowing everywhere. A thick line of trees flanked it on it's east side. The tree line you can see to the east of the greener area south of the tennis court extended north passed the lot. The dirt embankment was east of the tree line, and the valley-like field was at the bottom of that. That area now houses an urban garden where a variety of vegetables and plants are grown.

You can see the pedestrian bridge that crosses the highway. Following the curve of Cambridge street south, you reach Silver Avenue. "Silver" was the street sign recalled in the dream by Mom, and the parking lot in front of the church/school is the parking lot in question. (Note: I do not believe this has anything to do with the church/school. It could just as easily been the parking lot of a 7-11). The parking lot apparently remains empty at night, but during the day children can be seen playing in it. That is a reassuring sight, because the place gives me the creeps, and seeing something ordinary is nice. It is also one reason I am assuming these were only dreams. Have experiences such as this ever happened in such populated locations?

I have spoken to my father about this issue at length. He was in the Special Forces (Green Berets) and then briefly was involved with some very low level CIA work of some kind. Nothing big; as I understand it, he just spoke to some people. When I told him about all of this, he was much more interested in the tunnel dreams with the military personnel and the interrogation. He said that a close friend and former associate of his used to work at Hunter's Point, and swears that there was once a tunnel on the south western water side of the ship yard that he saw people going in and out of at night on many occasions. Dad says he mentioned this because of something he himself saw one night in the early 1980's.

He claims that he saw multiple wedge shaped slices of an object which, if assembled, would have formed a round or saucer shaped object at least 200 feet in diameter. He alleges that there was a helicopter present, and several hangar like structures into which the "slices" were being loaded. He says they were taking them off of an extremely large transport ship of a sort he had never seen or heard of before. He said that there were jeeps shining extremely bright headlights down Palou Avenue so that anyone approaching would not have seen what was happening from afar, and that people were guarding the gate leading to that area. He claims the people handling these objects were wearing protective clothing, as if dealing with hazardous material. He said the reason he felt this was of importance was because this was also where his friend claims the tunnel once was, and because Silver Ave intersects with Palou Avenue, which leads directly into Parcel E of Hunter's Point, which is where he saw this and where the tunnel supposedly used to be.

This is where Silver Ave intersects with Palou Avenue:

And this is where Palou Avenue enters Parcel E of Hunter's Point:

The tunnel my father's friend claims was once there was supposedly around where the long fence (it shows as a black diagonal line in the following image) is, and possibly a little further south west of it:

For those of you who don't know, Hunter's Point is a naval ship yard that is being sold off to the city of San Francisco parcel by parcel. It was briefly leased to private ship repair firms after it ceased being used by the NAVY. In the mid 1970's the NAVY returned, placing it under NAVFAC's authority, and which was taked with carrying out environmental and structural tests which involved soil gas level and other contaminant measurements. This often involved drilling into the ground, so perhaps what Dad thinks he saw can all be explained by this.

Despite the fact that people in and around Hunter's Point have a high incidence of health problems (noticeably greater than most of the rest of the city), and despite the fact that the NAVY has yet to clean up the numerous contaminants on the property, the city is moving ahead with plans to purchase and develop the land. The flattened brownish area you can see in the previous two photographs, which Palou runs into, is Parcel E. My Dad claims that the land was not flattened when he saw it, and was in use. The NAVY says that area has served as a landfill since 1958, though. In the year 2000, a sub surface fire began for unknown reasons in Parcel E. Puffs or orange and green smoke were observed by witnesses and some members of the fire department on hand. While that is the case, the official accounts describe only white and grey smoke, so who can say for sure what was seen? The NAVY recently admitted that large amounts of methane are being emitted from Parcel E.

And there you have it. That's all I know about all of this. If anyone can offer any clues, suggestions, or experiences that might tie in with or help explain away all of this, I would be sincerely grateful. Thanks again for reading and for your much appreciated input.

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