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Intabgible Fear

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posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 06:22 PM
I believe the intangible fears are the trickiest fears to deal with, one can

neither see nor touch them, hence the word intangible. But, most people do

not understand how dangerous they can become if overlooked. Over time

they can cause distress, a lack of confidence, depression, and even a decline

in desire to pursue anything that was once meaningful. Although they

critically alter anyone’s life that allows these fears to take over, they can

easily be controlled with reflection and a strong will power. They usually deal

with something that one does not want to think about, or is something that

will take much effort to overcome. But, that is why they are the “intangible

fear”. one’s intangible fear would not be “feared” by the individual if it were a

meaningless blip in ones life, it has to be something that will build up over

time, that can manifest itself in the worst of times, coming out when you need

them to go away the most and subside when you come out to confront it

head to head. Personally, one of my greatest intangible fears is the thought

of what my future might become.

As a junior in high school, all of the pressures of finding a college to go

to, keeping my gpa up, and trying to prepare myself for the next level of my

education has become increasingly evident in my life. To bad this epiphany

could not have happened freshman year when it was right in front of my

eyes! But, I guess that comes with maturity and being drenched in our

school’s competitive atmosphere for a little over two years. Another event

that made it even clearer was my attendance at the SLTP camp this summer.

I was not a big fan, but after considering the amount of scholarship money I

could receive and the fact that my baseball team was going no where, I

ended up going. I left seeing kids that have planned out every single aspect

of their lives basically, their college, what they wanted to be and how they

were going to get what they want. I am not saying this is necessarily healthy

to do this at the age of sixteen, however, they were still more prepared than

I was for college and the rest of high school. When I returned I realized I

needed to get my education and college preparation back on track, fueled by

the increasingly evident fear of what might happen if all of this did not go the

way I wished. But, the thought of my future education is only one of the fears

I have of my future… what is the good of receiving a good education from a

good college then getting a good job, when there is no job or home to go to

when I leave college.

Not enough people are taking our presence in the Middle East seriously.

The majority of students in school still believe that we are safe, still living with

that immature feeling of invincibility, that could not be any further from the

truth. We are not in fact safe, THAT’S RIGHT, STUDENTS AT EGHS, WE ARE AT



ISLAM. But even saying that will not matter, they will still blow it off because

nothing has “directly” effected them, However, once an attack on American

claims someone’s friend, family member, or even someone they casually met,

they will then realize like I do that the world is not like our small suburb south

of Providence. Now I am not stocking up on supplies and building a bunker in

my basement, but, I accept the fact that our lives are in danger every day.

Yes I am still scared, but it is even more scary knowing some people do not

even see the danger and will be clueless when something does happen, and

not know why.

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