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NEWS: Flash Floods Kill 20 People In Kunar Province Afghanistan

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 11:32 PM
7 people have been killed and several houses have been destroyed after torrential rains caused flash flooding in the eastern Afghanistan region of Kunar. Five people were killed earlier in the week in the same area from similiar viscious storms and flooding. There are still people missing and unaccounted for after the flash floods. The mountainous region is known as a terrorist stronghold after rebels were suspected of ambushing American troops and shooting down a rescue helicopter.
"So far, seven bodies have been recovered and three others are still missing," he said adding that the floods washed away many houses in the area.

Similar floods and storms killed five people in the same province on Wednesday while more than 300 head of livestock were killed in neighbouring Nangarhar province last weekend.

After almost a decade of drought, Afghanistan experienced its worst winter last year, causing serious human disasters in country which has little infrastructure to cope with floods resulting from storms and melting snow.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The area which has been under drought for the past ten years suddenly has torrential rains causing flash flooding, just a couple of weeks after the Americans have finished an offensive in the region to flush out terror suspects. I do not wish to HAARP on the matter, but it does seem kind of strange.

Aljazeera - US Afghanistan Offensive in Kunar News

Hundreds of American marines and Afghan special forces have trekked into remote Afghan mountains to retake a valley controlled by rebels suspected of ambushing a team of US commandos and shooting down a special forces helicopter.

The major offensive in eastern Kunar province, near the border with Pakistan, is the biggest yet against those believed responsible for the twin attacks on 28 June, the deadliest blow to American forces in Afghanistan since ousting the Taliban in 2001.

Three members of a four-man Navy SEAL team were killed in the ambush, and all 16 troops on board the Chinook helicopter that was sent to rescue them died when it was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

Saturday's offensive came after a deadly week for US forces in Afghanistan. Seven American soldiers have died, as well as dozens of suspected rebels and civilians, reinforcing concerns that crucial elections next month to elect lawmakers for a new legislature may be threatened by widespread violence.

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