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Its me, It's us, yep...

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 08:59 PM
Great site ! Sorta got here by happenstance(?). Anyway, I am actually very
curious about things. I do not believe that what *most* people are subject to
as far as information goes is really correct or honest. I kinda feel that the human race is developing and coming to realize that we really are ONE. Heh, the folks in charge are really losing it, because as we come to realize this, they are having a more and more difficult time remaining in control. (Sheesh, who would honestly
want to have that job?) I do think that 9/11 was totally an inside job, and as much as I hate to think such things are possible, this was constructed to start
a war. ( I know, not the first time this has ever happened.) Yikes, folks are learning and growing, how do ya stop that? I hope, that between us all, we can come to learn the real (and only) truth about this increadible growth of ours, and find a way to spread the news.

Just a thought, and probably not the correct place to post it, but I do think that a lot of the military showing up and doing the things they are doing in NO
may be due to the fact that right next to the dome was a university that was very much involved with bioterrorism. Seems like maybe something might have been removed and recovered? Sheesh, I dunno, but for some reason,
I want to find out.

Cool site, kinda makes me feel "at home"...Keep up the great work folks,
we will win.

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 09:15 PM
Welcome to ATS, Pythos.
There's a forum dedicated to Katrina, so please feel free to contribute here.

Also, don't forget to check out BTS and PTS!

Enjoy the site.

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 09:35 PM
Glad you could make it, come on in and sit a spell…

Welcome to ATS,ATSNN,BTS,PTS and Ignorance Denied.

A great way to get off to an even better start at ATS:

Zedd's Handbook of ATS Links

Not sure about starting a new thread? Check out what one of our "Esteemed Senior Staffers" thinks you should do. (P.S. He's right!)

If you have any questions, or need any help, U2U myself or any Staff Member, or use the Gripe/Idea Button.

Greetings Monkeys, not just for saying "Hi" anymore...

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 09:36 PM
WARNING: here comes the cut and pasted standard ....

Welcome to ATS!

There is lots of information and discussion here on many topics from many points of view. There are members from all walks of life, nationalities and of all ages.

Take some time to look around and familiarize yourself with all of the boards including ATS for alternative and conspiracy related discussion; BTS for lighter subjects and chit chat; PTS for political discussion; and our very own news portal ATSNN.

Each board has several forums with it’s own assigned moderators. Whether your just reading or want to jump right in, we only ask that you follow the site's terms and conditions. This is a privately owned and run board where the rules are enforced.

If you have any questions you can check these handy resources:

Zedd’s Handbook of ATS Links
The Frequently Asked Questions page
And my very own: Answers to FAQs not in the FAQ page

Also very handy is the search feature (on the tab menu just bellow the banner at the top of every page) to make sure you are not double posting something already being discussed.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to U2U a moderator anytime. There is always somebody online and you don’t need a minimum of points or posts.

Have fun and see you around the boards!

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 08:29 AM

Curiousity is a great thing to have in a quest to Deny Ignorance

is a hand book of links that may help you answer some questions you have about stuff on ATS

If you have any questions feel free to u2u me, or any other staff member. After you have made 20 posts, you can u2u with all members.

Also, for avatar info, here are kinglizard's avatar instructions and a reminder to all ATS members.

Also, here's a great link to help you organize your favorite forums. It will also keep threads you post in as favorites:
This link is also up at the top as MyATS

And, don't forget to check out PTS and BTS. You can log in to these other two forums with your ATS login information.

Also, there is Ignorance Denied, which requires a separate login.

Have a good time here

Welcome to ATS

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