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Vote For The Forum You Would Like To See Be Created

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 02:03 PM
thanks to the poll here, there is a list of suggested forums that members would like to see be created in the ATS universe:

Originally posted by they see ALL

Suggested ATS Forums

- "Conspiracies in History Revisionism" forum

- opinions related to the war on terror forum

- Racial Conspiracies forum

- "spirituality/consciousness" forum

- mind control forum

- Codes and 'secret' languages forum

- Propaganda forum

- Freemasonry Debate Forum

- Military Exercises/Drills forum

Suggested BTS Forums

- Investing forum

- Computer Programming forum

- musicians forum

- Tech Talk forum

- customized computer help forum

- automobile forum

- recalcitrant bovine forum

- Rave/Praise Forum

- Confession Forum

- Pet forum

- Careers/Education Forum

- Fighting (Martial Arts, Boxing...) forum

- Crime Forum

- Athletics forum

- Traumas and Recovery forum

- Addiction and Recovery forum

- Disease and Disorder Support forum

- Parenting forum

- Disgusting Forum

Suggested PTS Forums

- pure political analysis forum

- specific forum for PTS members to air out their gripes

"Where Should These Go?" Forums

- "point grabber" forum (so point grabbers do not get points for their posts)

- History forum

- poll forum

- Law and Constitutional rights forum

- Documentory Forum

- emerging pandemic forum

- Cultivate Your Ideas Forum

- A forum dealing with the philosophy surrounding skepticism, conspiracy theory, and epistemology

- Symbology forum

- Criminal Psycology forum

- Healings-miracles/otherwise forum

- a forum where members could post their likes / dis-likes and any suggestions or new ideas they would like to post that could help ATS / BTS / PTS in any way

- Military/Law Enforcement/Public Services forum

- Pure Trollin' forum

what is the point of this thread???

in an effort to "get the ball rolling" on, at least some of the suggestions for new forums, i would like to ask the members of ATS to name one or two of the suggestions from the list above that they would really like to see be created into forums...

mods, please give this thread a chance before you delete it or move it...

thanks all...

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 02:07 PM
Or closing it?

You've already done this:



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