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Farscape: Victim of Sci-Fi Conspiracy

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 10:07 AM
Farscape being at the very top of my list of all-time greats in the realm of entertainment certainly deserves another thread.

I believe the show was victim of a conspiracy... it suits this forum.

I have never been a Stargate fan, in fact I had rather despised the show after the cancellation of Farscape, but with Ben and Claudia on it I'm sort of capable of watching it. I love those two and seeing them again is very nice. Maybe it was some terrible plan to combine the viewer bases for the shows to spike the network's peak ratings and end production costs on the more elaborate Farscape series. The Stargate movie was good and the show has been tolerable as background noise while I surf the net.

You do not see shows that tie every episode to the story line. Even episodes that seem to be stand-alone episodes are integral. In my opinion no show compares. The only ones that come close are: X-Files (plot episodes), DS9 (last few seasons involving the Dominion War), Brisco County Jr. (gotta love Bruce Campbell), 24 (1½ seasons).

Movies don’t really come close to the depth that you get out of TV series. Especially with story lines like Farscape.

Farscape was always billed badly. I never even watched an episode until I heard the show was ending and I was mistakenly catching the three part “Look at the Princess” episodes, which I thought were the last ones. I had never seen anything like it after the first two parts were over I was stunned to see a third part, thinking “This is a really great show!” Then I discovered that those episodes weren’t even the last ones… boy was my face red for not having watched the series while I had the chance. Eventually I caught all the seasons and recorded them diligently. I am in love with that show still, and I am very glad that they did the mini.

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