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Tyrannical Tight-rope: Terrorism Is A Tool

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 08:11 AM
The notion of terrorism, including the new laws that surround it, being a Western government construct is nothing new here at ATS. The governments of the United States, Britain and now Australia have all got shiny new anti-terrorism laws. Laws that libertarians and most liberals denounce as an unwarranted and unnecessary abridgement to our civil rights. However most conspiracists believe its a sinister plot to create police states, but is that realistic?

If there is one thing that most people can agree on its that corporations are hugely influential in modern Western politics. Their powers are self-evident and reflected in everything including corporate tax loop holes, government spending and environmental protection laws. Some people refer to them as the NWO or shadow government.

I believe that the shadow government would be comprised of corporate elites and headed by international bankers. If they really do have control over our governments, as I believe they do, would they really have anything to gain by creating police states?

Its my opinion that creating full blown police states is not on the agenda of the shadow government. Their main priority would be the same as any corporation's and that is to make money. Tightening the screws on the population and foisting a police state on us is not conducive to making money. Revolutions would surely erupt if the United States, Britain and Australia ended up like Pol Pot's Cambodia or Saddam's Iraq.

The reactionary laws that are ostensibly being passed to combat terrorism all have a common theme. That is that terrorist suspects are all gagged and detained indefinately without being put infront of a judge to clear their name. Now some of my fellow conspiracists believe this is a huge scheme to subjugate entire populations. I used to believe this too and its partly right but not quite so Draconian as I once believed.

As I mentioned earlier, tightening the screws too much will blow up in their faces. They will lose everything if they sail to close too the wind and over play their hands. That wouldnt be an option as far as the shadow government is concerned.

So the real question is not whether or not these laws are being created to supress us, it should be: how would these laws help corporations make money?

An example: We're in the digital age right? Some of the biggest industries are losing money hand over fist via piracy and the internet. If our governments have created laws which allow for the secret detention of terrorist suspects they could use the same laws, unchecked, against whomever the shadow government likes. Prime targets would be those who help facilitate such piracy activities.

Another example could be corporate whistle-blowers. How easy would it be now for a corporation to silence a whistle-blower by either killing them in an apparent terrorist attack or class them as a terrorist suspect/sympathizer?

Another example is invading "terrorist supporting" countries that have resources that corporations want. They then get contracts to exploit said resources and also get contracts to clean up and rebuild the country which have been destroyed.

There are many examples whereby corporations would benefit financially from these laws and the climate of terror which seems to be fostered by our governments.

But my first two examples would primarily be targeted at our own citizens. Thats where I think the next manouver of the shadow government is headed. They will engineer domestic terrorism so that even blonde haired, blue eyed Aussies can be included in the terrorist suspect dragnet, if business dictates. 'Animal rights activists are now the top terrorist threat to the United States' right?

I suppose the purpose of this Op/Ed is to highlight that these guys arent dumb. They arent going to suddenly lift the curtains and have jack-booted, robo-nazi's everywhere and have us all chipped. That wont help them make money.

Its the middle ground which is the most dangerous as most people wont really care much. Most people dont get in the way of corporations making money so they wont have anything really to fear from all this. How many times have you heard the line "if you dont do anything wrong you've got nothing to fear", well that is the scary reality. Dont rock the boat and you'll be fine. The beast wont ever rear its ugly head so the masses wont rise up to fight it.

Is this really something we are prepared to accept though? Even if we arent completely subjugated and "allowed" most of our civil rights can we sit back and let the few who are unjustly 'done away with' go silently into the night?

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