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Remembering Katrina

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 06:18 AM

PODcast: Remembering Katrina
In remembrance of the greatest catastrophe in US history: Hurricane Katrina. We have a responsibility to those who do not remain to tell the tale.

length: 10:37
file: atspodcast_134.mp3
size: 2468k
feed: ats
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 02:14 PM
I put this together last night. It is my first PODcast. It was hard listening to these clips repeatedly during editing. There were several more I chose not to include that were just as heartbreaking, outrageous and angering.

I hope the final piece conveys just even a small bit of what has happened over the past 10 days. May we never witness such horrors again in the future.

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 11:02 PM
00:00 President Bush, August 29, 2005
00:08 Sen. Mary Landreiu (D) Louisiana, August 31, 2005
00:19 Governor Blanco, Louisiana, August 31, 2005
00:32 President Bush, August 31, 2005
01:10 Katrina Victims
03:11 Secretary Chertoff, Department of Homeland Security, September 4, 2005
03:16 President Bush, September 3, 2005
03:23 Katrina Victims
03:39 President Bush, September 3, 2005
03:47 Mayor Nagin, New Orleans, September 4, 2005
04:12 Katrina Victims
04:58 President Bush, September 3, 2005
05:06 Katrina Victims
05:11 President Bush, September 3, 2005
05:15 Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, September 4, 2005
07:51 President Bush, September 3, 2005
08:03 Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, September 4, 2005
09:58 President Bush, September 6, 2005

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 09:43 AM
loam - this is an EXCELLENT compilation and podcast. ...I only just finally listened to it all the way through. Couldn't make myself do it before. It hurts my heart. ...which is why, and how, infotainment was born.

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 12:39 AM
Thank you for putting this together, Loam. It's the kind of thing that needed to be done. I can't listen to it without crying, or breaking something, but I still listen to it.
I hope this gives everybody an idea of what really happened here. They did nothing. People died, and they did nothing. I don't know about the rest of these people, but I can't ever forgive them for that.
They're still not doing anything. Maybe people aren't dying right now, but if they don't do something NOW, this thing is going to repeat itself. I should think this podcast would make people understand that. For the sake of humanity I hope so.
I just find it hard to have any hope for the future of this city. We were betrayed, we were left to rot. To die. This event will not be forgotten. I, for one, will never trust my own government again unless they show that they are willing to help us, which I have yet to see.

Good podcast, Loam, thanks again.


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