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posted on Sep, 5 2003 @ 10:11 PM
"Sometime prior to 1901, the French government, wished to determine more accurately the actual size of the Earth, so that they could revise and refine their calculations regarding the distance apart at the top of two lines perpendicular to the surface of the Earth and the bottom of those same two lines. They wanted a pair of lines long enough to give them an appreciable measurement. Obviously they could not erect two parallel poles a mile high, but they could suspend two plumb bobs down a mine shaft a mile deep; and then measure the distance between at the top and bottom. They did just that. Thinking that the distance at the bottom would be much less, as we believe that the center of gravity is at the center of the Earth; ah...but how much less would it be?

The Geodetic Surveys were carried out at the Tamarack mines, near Calumet, Michigan. The mine shafts were selected, and the plumb lines exactly 4250 feet long were suspended in each mine. At the end of each of these lines were suspended a sixty pound bob. It was reasoned that the lines were to be made out of No 24 piano wire, so as magnetic forces could not effect them. For twenty four hours the lines were allowed to hang, so that there would be no possibility of movement from putting them in place still remaining in the lines. The measurements begun. It was then discovered that the French Geodetic engineers had NOT made a mistake. Careful re-checking proved that the lines, contrary to expectations, were further apart at the bottom than at the top! "

Interesting, very, very interesting.

[Edited on 6-9-2003 by All Seeing Eye]

posted on Sep, 6 2003 @ 12:20 AM
that's really interesting! heavy duty rock'n'roll!
i like the hollow earth concept. who wrote journey to the center of the earth? jules verne, yeah? in "heavy metal" there was a short black and white comic based on a letter of a young man who wanted to be a writer and went to visit jules for advice or something(i could find the book and look, but my posterior seems WAY too heavy, probably a focused graviton beam). when he arrived at night, he saw two "men" in strange suits FLOAT down from the roof and through an open window. his curiousity got the better of him and he entered the house and made his way up the stairs to see the two strangers giving scrolls to jules. later, jules told him that he got all his ideas from these scrolls. all that sci fi was actually based on truth.
there is almost assuredly something important and paradigm shifting under the earth's crust.
ever heard that (FAKE!) tape of "hell" from the (FAKE!) russians who lowered their mic 8 miles down a (FAKE!) shaft? exactly the kind of thing the controllers like to do to discredit and diffuse truth. make it REALLY close to the truth, and then "debunk" it. the truth has been debunked! yay! fringe lunatic conspiracy theorists(PRESENT!) will cling to the nearly true version. (the screams of hell WERE pretty scary. it took me a while to realise the proximity effect was all wrong for the setup(one woman sounds much closer than the others, yet all the denizens of hell would be RELATIVELY the same distance from the mike. nobody would be distinguishable, it should sound more like the AMBIENT sound of large crowd, the shaft would give the overall sound character a more sproingy reverb spring type sound).
now let's talk about our favorite sexy actress and forget about all this earth shattering news. what's your favorite color?

posted on Sep, 6 2003 @ 12:42 AM
Today I like red burning embers and the blackening of flesh under hot irons.

Can you point to details of the fake Russian faking, billybob? Who did that, when? That is an interesting escapade for a "nation" to get into.

And do you personally hold a mediaeval view of cosmology, with a hell inside the core of our planet?

posted on Sep, 6 2003 @ 01:49 AM
regarding the hell recording, oops, links. pretty famous, though. keywords: hell, russian, recording, screams, hell. i don't think it was really the russians. i think it was some clowns with a recording studio and too much spare time. clowns who knew about the deep drilling expedition and molded it to their scam.

i believe we get what we believe we'll get on the other side. i believe we are ultimately our own judges. let's have some blackened flesh, say, a hamburger, on the river styx and discuss it after we've departed this plane. i hope that guy was wrong about there being no beer in heaven.

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