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Meaning Levels of Dreams

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posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 07:06 PM
The Meaning Level of Dreams

Dear List

I’ve had to do some work with the meaning levels of dreams recently and wish to share with those interested some of the conclusions reached.

A couple of levels of dream meanings were found to exist.

1) Physiological

Those dreams which are triggered by bodily needs such as being cold or breathing difficulties or just those dreams that trigger the body into making hormones that better maintain physical functions. These dreams often serve to wake you and make adjustments.

2) Repair and Maintenance of the Psyche

Those dreams which clear out the debris of the mind from the day’s interaction during conscious contact with the environment. These are the snippets and disjointed pieces left in the sub-conscious and in the near mind level of consciousness. Examples of this would be not being able to find your keys to drive away from a threat, or hardly being able to move when one had to run away from something. The variations are almost endless. The key to recognizing this level is that they are pieces strung together without much of a coherent story line.

3) Bulletin Board Messages for the Mind

These are the dream levels made for the work of interpretation. Psychologists can mine these areas for clues to problems emotional and spiritual. They are the flags that can either tell the awake portion of mind, “Houston, we have a problem”, or to tell the mind, “Do more of this for your health.” They will be repeated over and over sometimes to get your attention.

Symbols: Most minds use pictures symbols, actually icons, to signal us the subject and the problem in these levels of dream experience. The hardest part to interpretation is not so much what the dream portrays literally, but what the icons mean to the context of the dream.

4) Dreams that Communicate Between the Superconscious and the Mind

The trickiest of all levels to learn to understand what is being transmitted to the mind to remember. These dreams are easy to identify, but the hardest to interpret well. The best one can do on this level is to go with the FEELING of what you got out of it and not what you intellectualize it means. Characteristics of this level of dreaming are their strength and power to move one. They are remembered, their power to move emotionally stay with you, and you want to dream them again sometimes to re-experience what its attractions are.

5) Dreams that are Prophetic or Have Profound Spiritual Meaning

This may really be a subset of item 4 above, but in many ways it is specifically different. The 23rd Psalm was given to a shepherd by an angel through this process and it involves at least two agencies at work with a sleeping individual. One, the who sleeps has allowed the mind to rest without the encumbrance of a dream state we associate with the lower levels written about above. Two, an outside agency, in the case of the 23rd Psalm, that agency was a seraphim providing comfort to shepherd who lived in times of great distrust in the spiritual.

Dreams that are prophetic require, at some level of transference to the memory centers of the mind, the input of some spiritual personality or other agency capable of contacting the mind circuitry.

6) Dreams that Employ Several Levels of Meaning

Once in a great while, an individual mind may utilize several levels of these dreaming techniques at once. The quality of these dreams is first to heal and then to set the agenda for future reference of contact to the mind for spiritual purposes. Characteristics of this dream experience is the ability to hear or receive instruction and to experience a relief in the nervous system upon being awakened. These dreams have to be interpreted on an individual basis and then let the experience pass. They are not meant to be interpreted further except as a future "action" item.

These may be training dreams all the time. Our spiritual superiors do rely on mankind to help in an emergency - to do the physical things the spiritual parts can not arbitrarily manipulate in plain view. These things are prepared for in the dream state, but the actions required are not conscious. Those who experience, perhaps days later, the spiritual “THANK YOU” with an 11:11 prompt have often performed a physical chore unaided and unconscious of the request.

These are the categories and I hope the reader may recognize some of his or her experiences in them. I am always glad to discuss you questions.

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