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Why don;t people deserve the truth?...

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posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:07 PM
My last thread showd that people think that if they know things, there is no reason to try to convince others of such things.

My questions is why not? I've seen many people on ATS saying 'i know the truth, but i won;t explain it to you!'. Their reaosn seem tovary from 'you won;lt understand' to 'why should i explain it?'.

Right here, right now, i say, you damn well should explain it. And i hav reasons.

If you know the truth, why not explain your evidence to everyone esle? Do you feel superior that you know and others donlt? Do you assume people won;t believe you? Do you think people canlt handle your information?

Why are so many people that frequent this board so condescending? Why does everyone make me feel like a fool, a nothing because i havne;t seen the evidence they have? If you;ve seen soemthing, why do you fele justified in not explaining it to us lay people? Why laud it over us, saying 'You couldn;t comprehend it'?

Why do people refuse to offer any justifyable information? Since when was 'I saw this, so its true. You didn;t see it, so HOW DARE YOU SAY I'M WRONG?' arise?

I'm sick to detah of half truths. Of people saying that they know the turth, but we're not ready for it. That they know the truth, but we don;t deserve it. That they know the truth, but they don't jave any reason to enlighten the rest of us.

Prehaps its just me, but i truely believe, if you know the truth, then why not tell us all? If you have evidence, why not show us all?

I'm sick to death of people whove 'seen soemthing', whove 'heard soemthing', but won;t ever give enough evidence for anyone but fools to believe them.

Put up or shut up. 'I magically heard from beyond' does not work in the modern world. I get ridiculed because i ask for proof, i get laughed at because i wnat to know what you 'enlightened people do'. Why are you so special, why do you get to know but we're all in the dark?

My mian point is, 'why post here atall unless you are going to 100% tell us whats what, what you know to be true, and why you know it? This may be a conspricay forum, but with the amount of peole spunting ' I KNOW THE TRUTH!' why do we hardly ever get any real information from them?

I apologise that this is long and rambling, but the pressure inside me's been building up for a long time to ask all this.

Mods, please move this if you feel its inappropriate for this forum.

I wish you all a good night and a great night. Thank you to anyone who responds. My only wish is to break down the walls between 'those that know, yet won;t tell' and those that don;t...

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:24 PM
Generally people who say things like "I know the truth, but I can't tell you cause it's too complicated", are really working off of emotions. They're political view is directly aligned with some kind of emotional..thing. Either that, or they don't really know, they just think they've got a general idea, but they don't really know what they know so they can't explain it to you... Did that makes sense? Some people are so self-righteous and stuck-up that they want to think that they're more "Enlightened" than you, and that you just don't understand.

Just don't pay any attention to them.

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:28 PM
Thanks very much Herman! I get really annoyed when people just dismiis me, but thanks for giving me a serious reply! Cheers dude!

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:28 PM
I was thinking to answer that we all deserve the truth. But that hardly begins to answer the question you have asked.

In some cases the truth is as varied as the points of views seeing it. And none of have the omnipotence to see everything at once.

Most of have at best one part of a huge puzzle that gives us an overall picture that we can complete if only in our mind. That does not mean the picture is as good as the one we imagine. It simply means that we have filled the empty spaces with our internal paintbrushes recognizing that this must lead to that.

If I could tell you the complete truth I would still be telling you nothing more than the truths as I see it. Even if my truth were 99% accurate would I be educating you in a way that would cause you growth?

You have asked a very hard thing...that one should tell the truth and have facts to back it up. As you see across this board the interpretation of the facts are not always the same.

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posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:45 PM
Again thank yuo garyo1954, you have provided a very thought provoking post...

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:58 PM
There can be a thousand lies but only one truth.

The truth does not vary as points of view. They are part of the reasoning process behind truth. The truth is black and white from all angles. How that truth affects you or what that truth means to you, the parts of that truth you take on yourself is the varied part.

I totally disagree with the omnipotence part. It does not require only "god" to see the truth. Anyone can take the truth onboard.

In some cases people are afraid of telling the truth, afraid of reactions to their truth. In others only part of the truth is known, causing them to tell only parts of the truth.

When ones knows the truth one thinks about that reaction of the truth on people they tell, this is where the problems begin. This is where the truth stops being simple and turn into a moral dilemma. A social consequence.

Sometimes people know the truth but have none of that 'evidence" to back it up.

For example. I see a robbery go down and then later read the reports on the robbery which say it was something completely different. I have no evidence, no photos, no links to documents no nothing to back me up. BUT.....I know the truth.

It is partially to blame in that "evidence" of the truth. For thousands of years efforts have been made to destroy evidence of truth. The truth exists as it always has and always will but the evidence of that truth can be erased from existence. Criminals and governments have been doing it for centuries. The library at Alexandria is a classic example. Burn the truth. The library at the Vatican is another. Hide the truth. A criminal at a crime scene. Plant false truth.

So without that evidence what does it mean to the truth? It does not make it any less of an entity but it does make it hard to tell the truth.

The problem then goes to belief. How do we believe that someone is telling us the truth. We have none of that evidence perhaps and only the person speaking to us. There is no truthometer gauge on his forehead so that we can tell that he is telling us the truth.

So some may decide because they cannot prove that truth not to tell it. But they know the truth so it may be hard for them to contain it all. Sometimes they may have bursts of "I know the truth but aren't telling you" Sometimes it is hard to explain the truth. So these people may sound condescending about their knowledge of truth.

The other truth, the part truth. The truth is not a truth until it is a full truth, there is no half truth, it is no longer the truth. It ceases to become the truth when any aspect of that truth is missing. A jigsaw puzzle is useless with missing pieces. You can not play with a deck of cards if the king is missing.

So people hint that they know the truth, when in fact they know a half truth, or parts of the truth and they are unable to speak of the truth until they know truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth.

Some people just like to be condescending though and use a wicked part of human nature to lie and say they know the truth. Many truthes are hidden while many lies are known.

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posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 08:24 PM

Originally posted by Vector J

If you know the truth, why not explain your evidence to everyone esle?

Because our proof is proof that has been experienced. The truth is the truth can not be the truth, unless you experience it, you simply won't believe it. And when you choose to believe it, you can experience it.

Do you feel superior that you know and others donlt?

No, we feel we are your servants. We know the truth, because we know we are not superior to you.

Do you assume people won;t believe you?

If the truth was believed by you, then you'd know it.

Do you think people canlt handle your information?

Information is free to everyone. It's what you choose to do with that information that dictates whether or not you can handle the truth of your information.

Happy hunting.


What you are looking for is what is looking.

posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 07:25 AM
Trouble with telling people the truth, is that we, the common people, are deemed by the ruling classes, to have no understanding of what that truth might be.

Was it not Agent Mulder who said,"The truth is out there Scully, all you have to do is look for it"?

And was it not Agent 'K' [MIB] who said, "The People can't handle the truth".

That over simplifies the problem, but for me at least, the truth is out there and yes, I am actively seeking it.

As to my being able to handle it, I am a 53 yeard old male, with over 30 years experience within the military and I have also amassed 53 years worth of practicle experience of this life and all it has got to throw at me.

What makes the rulling classes think I cant handle the truth, no matter how far fetched it might be?

posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by fritz
Trouble with telling people the truth, is that we, the common people, are deemed by the ruling classes, to have no understanding of what that truth might be.

Trouble with telling the common people the truth is they are not listening. They are usually stuck in a train of thought that has them concentrating on the day to day buisness of merely surviving, which trains their brains "through the LAW of ASSOCIATION" to only take in information that is most self serving.

Was it not Agent Mulder who said,"The truth is out there Scully, all you have to do is look for it"?

There is no "Out There" out there, seperate of what is transpiring within the neuro-net of the observers mind, and the constraints they percieve are beyond their control.

And was it not Agent 'K' [MIB] who said, "The People can't handle the truth".

Which is self evident, since no one can own the monopoly on the truth, and it surrounds us every day, and in all directions, but still people can't experience it, so it is obvious that people can't handle the truth, or they would know it.

What makes the rulling classes think I cant handle the truth, no matter how far fetched it might be?

The truth has been made available to all. Just learn how to connect the dots, and use reason and your experience to look at the whole of it. The rulling class can not withold the truth from anyone. And, it is too far fetch for even the majority of the ruling class to comprehend.

It is up to each individual to look at the mysteries from a certain point of view in order to experience the truth, because it can not merely be put into rhetoric jargon and comprehended.

The certain point of view is one of no "Self Preservation"

For how can one have any empathic empathy if he/she/+ if they are driven at the cellular level by "Self Before I Serve"?

Truth is within, then "out there".

Agent Mulder was only presenting a portion, and only had it half right.

"Knowledge is not the key to enlightenment, Enlightenment is the key to knowledge"

I'd tell you who originally said that, but if I accredit words to an individual, then I accept that people can own words. I'm not prepared to concede that language is owned, but I know it has been manipulated or created by more than just the conscious level mind.

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