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Hi to all of ATS from me!

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posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:23 AM
Hi everyone. I look forward to participating here in most of the boards. To let you know a little about myself, I run a couple small websites, I am an independent filmmaker, I'm a writer, and I make a little bit of music. So as you can clearly see, producing is my thing.

I have always had a great interest in aliens and UFOs and I had an awesome sighting a couple years back too which I would like to share with you all.

Along with the UFOs I automatically am all about government conspiracies, secret societies, ancient cultures, etc. I noticed inconsistencies when reviewing my video tapes of the events of 9-11 and searching for info online I discovered I was not alone.

Events these days are obviously disturbing. I am currently looking into the US interests in the Caspian Sea region and exploring the limitations on US citizens rights thanks to the Patriot Act and its extension. Recently I’ve been very disillusioned with this country and I’m looking for others who feel the same way.

I’m a pretty outspoken person among my peers but still really open minded. I’m in my mid-twenties, I’m from California, I live in Texas but I’ve been all over the country. I’d greatly appreciate any experienced members pointing me to good threads and members of similar opinions.

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:41 AM
Welcome to ATS Merkwurdichliebe

My interests lie with "the War against terrorism".
Maybe you could join in some the debates in that forum?

Look forward to seeing some of your input

Edit for question.. What does your name actually mean ?

[edit on 10-9-2005 by Bikereddie]

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 07:14 AM
Thanks for the welcome, Bikereddie!

I have a lot to say about the war against terrorism so sure, I'd love to participate. Thanks for the invite to the forum.

The question about the name is valid. For anyone who doesn't know, my user name (long) "Merkwurdichliebe" (or short as "Merk") is taken from the Stanley Kubrick film Dr. Strangelove as "Merkwurdichliebe" was Dr. Strangelove's name before he changed it to "Strangelove" (his name translated into English). I used the English subtitle spelling opposed to the correct spelling which would have been "Merkwürdigeliebe" (according to google) but I see the canon of the movie more valid than spelling in this case. Especially since the movie deals with situations unknown to the entire world outside a small group of men who hold the fate of it in their hands. I took a liking to Strangelove himself because of his own idealic view of mankind's future. One can only imagine the things that went thru his head. For anyone who hasn't seen the movie I suggest a watch.

Though that movie made light of a very serious subject, it still had some good points. The cold war is over but many on the opposing side to the USSR blew it way out of proportion. Somewhere along the way the Russians were included in the plans... we're living in the post cold war world, this is all their next step, it was in the books all along and now we've got the new, more unseen and illusive enemy of terrorism... as if it were a new thing. New scapegoats to meet ends no matter the means and countries that will be the gains of powerful and wicked people who want to hold the world back.

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 11:15 AM
Hi and Welcome!

The words in "Merkwurdichliebe" seems to be German. But the name make no sense written this way.

"Merken" is "notice" ..."wurd" is a non-existant word in German, so "würde" is like "would" could be also "Würde"-->means "dignity". "Dich" is like "you" (second person singular)
"Liebe" is "love"...

So the name have no real contiguity in German

Anyways, Merkwurdichliebe, a warm welcome to you again! Enjoy your stay here on the domains!

check the other boards too:

oh..don't forget to take a look to:

You have to re-register over there.



posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 11:25 AM
Welcome to ATS, Merkwurdichliebe.

I hope you're enjoying the site thus far and look forward to your contributions.

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 12:14 PM
Thanks dacruz and parrhesia.

Normally I'd have to pay $39.99 for that kind of break down, Dacruz. Thanks for saving me some $$$ (paper and metal things), hahaha.

I've got a couple posts up already, parrhesia, and I am enjoying it thus far!

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 12:17 PM

Originally posted by Merkwurdichliebe
Thanks dacruz and parrhesia.

Normally I'd have to pay $39.99 for that kind of break down, Dacruz. Thanks for saving me some $$$ (paper and metal things), hahaha.

I've got a couple posts up already, parrhesia, and I am enjoying it thus far!

no problem, man. see you around

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 04:22 PM
Interesting handle have not a clue how to pronounce it though.
But welcome to ATS, home of unusual theories..


posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 05:36 PM
Its something like Merk-vur-dic-LEE-beh. Maybe Dacruz could help out with the actual phonetics. Thanks for the welcome, Dallas.

[edit on 9/10/2005 by Merkwurdichliebe]

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 04:25 AM
I would suggest: "Merkwurdichliebe" "Merkwürdige Liebe" ---> "strange love" which would make sense

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 06:06 AM

Originally posted by dacruz

"Merken" is "notice" ..."wurd" is a non-existant word in German, so "würde" is like "would" could be also "Würde"-->means "dignity". "Dich" is like "you" (second person singular)
"Liebe" is "love"...

Ok so if we mix it up we could have .."would you notice dignity love"

Welcome aboard. Glad you finally got here. We did leave a trail of breadcrumbs out but I guess the Soficrow and Goldeneagle crew pecked them all up.

Love you sig.... I know you probably mean Bush but I couldn't help thinking of our own Jack Boots Johnny when I read that.

[edit on 11-9-2005 by Mayet]

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 07:23 AM
Yeah I had to choose which to use, Dacruz, it was tough but I decided to go with the Dr. Strangelove subtitles and the way I've got it spelled. I checked out your music forum... tell me what bands you're into. I love all types of music. Maybe you could recommend some new stuff I haven't heard.

Thanks for the welcome, Mayet, I like your interpretation of the name. From Oz? From my years of internet chatting I have come to have a great affection for Aussies. I do mean Bush, but again, it's just a play on the movie because the good doctor couldn't stop calling the President "Fuhrer".

If anyone would like to anything about me, just ask, since this is the introduction forum I'd be happy to introduce myself further, and I probably will anyway.

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