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The Tricks of Fate (a poem to those lost in NO)

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 07:08 PM
What is foreshadowed
When the sky is grey
When the light doesn't shine
At the break of day

Is evil afoot?
Are bad times coming?
Or will there only be thunder
When the rain comes drumming

A flash of light
A broken mirror
A crystal ball
The horror comes nearer

Nearer to those
Who believe in such things
Who can feel the power
When the blackbird sings

What is there
In these little signs
That can make people shudder
And close their blinds

Then run to find shelter
Of which there is none
Though we try and we try
What more can be done?

For how do we battle
A foe with no face
Trapped as we are
By both time and space?

We can only live on
And try not to hate
For there is no escaping
The tricks of fate

May God bless and keep those lost, and bring comfort and peace to those suffering loss

Icarus Rising


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