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Ode to New Orleans - I am Conspiracy

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 07:00 PM

PODcast: Ode to New Orleans - I am Conspiracy
Personifications of conspiracy, with veiled references to New Orleans, refugees, Davis-Bacon

length: 03:49
file: atspodcast_119.mp3
size: 1757k
feed: ats
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 08:47 PM
My first podcast. I tried to be creative - hope you like it. Sorry about the sound quality.

The Script

From and Cheap Mike Productions. Sofi Speaks #1: I am conspiracy.

I am Conspiracy

Feel me, feel my footsteps move the air
Like the wolf knows the breathing earth

Fear me
Like the rabbit fears the shadow of the hawk

Know me - know me
Know me
By my shadow
And the ripples in the waters

Know too that without a hundred senses - you can't know me

I am your fantasy

I dance in the shadows
And hide in plain sight

I am Conspiracy

I will hold you, and stroke you
I will touch you
Kiss your secret places

I will take your mind in my mouth
And promise you release

You will come with me
And I will show you soft, and shiny sparkly wondrous things

And give you hope

And you will follow

And I will suck the life from your bones.

You fool.

I am conspiracy.

I will sit back and do nothing
Even though I am paid to act.

I will let your home - your family - and your community
Be destroyed
Even though I could stop it.

I will say your home is poisoned
And make you leave.

Then - I will give you a cot - in a place with locked doors
And I will take your land for next to nothing
And say I'm bein' generous.

I will give your land to my friends
And let them profit
Where you did not.

I WILL take your home - your job - your life
Then indenture you
And sell your labor to my friends at cut rates

And I WILL make everyone believe that you are
Lucky to have the work.

Ya gotta get some
Ya gotta gotta gotta gotta get some
Ya gotta get some information
Ya gotta find out

Ya gotta get some
Ya gotta gotta gotta gotta get some
Ya gotta get some information
Ya gotta wake up

Ya gotta THINK.

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 10:05 PM
Like Mic

Originally posted by soficrow
My first podcast. I tried to be creative - hope you like it. Sorry about the sound quality.

Sofi, you've GOT to get the sound quality fixed. Through the noise and distortion, I'm STILL digging your reading style, so it's like being taunted.

Speaking as someone who has also had mic problems in the past, here are some things to check:

Step 1. Lots of problems like this can occur at the jack where the mic is plugged in. Specifically:

a. Mono mic plug into a stereo jack, or a stereo mic plug into a mono jack.

b. Mic plugged into the “Line In” jack instead of the microphone jack.

c. Mic plug loose or not pushed in all the way.

Step 2. Other problems can occur because the gain or signal levels are too high or too low:

a. Check the volume control (if you use Windows) record settings to make sure the Microphone is selected, and that the mic volume is neither too high nor too low (adjust it and see what happens).

b. If possible, look at your waveforms in the recording software you're using.

1) If they're really huge and touch the top and bottom edges of the waveform display, your input level is too high, and is causing clipping.

2) If they're really small, the input signal is too weak (which is what it sounds like to me). That can be because the mic volume setting is too low, or any of the causes in Step 1 above -- or maybe something else.

You might be surprised at what is causing the problem. I know I usually am.

For what it's worth, I have personally encountered each of the possibilities in Step 1 myself. That's why I know about them.

If it is at all possible, I am really hoping you can solve the distortion problem so you can record this again and lay it on us in glorious hi-fi.

Your voice deserves no less.

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 12:13 AM
Aw shucks majic. Thanks a lot. I will work on it, play around, and recast my pod when I get a handle on the technology. you may have noticed, I do tend to leap, sometimes before I've laid the ground.

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