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Bush the Primer for 2008?

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 06:10 PM
I wanted to see what some of you might think of this even though it is theoretical.

What if the powers behind the visible powers, ie: the president, and elected officials have designed this administration 2000-2008 to get the masses so fed up that we will take anyone in 2008.
*Note, we have a little more than 3 years left in this administration and you saw what damage could be done in almost 5yrs time. (2000-2005)

If you think about all the stupid things this administration has done, one is to wonder if it is has been done intentionally(orchestared and designed) with a higher goal in mind or possibly it is just what some say..they are just incompetent idiots etc. Which brings me to my next thought.

Recently it seems Bush Sr has taken Bill Clinton under his wing and opened his family with welcoming arms and they have done alot of touring together for charity reasons, The Tsunami and now Katrina. Some say they have always been friends and it's no big deal.

I was reading a message board regarding the upcoming series this fall on ABC, "Commander in Chief" starring Geena Davis as the President.
What if the powers that be are priming the masses to the idea of Hillary in 2008. Minds and opinions can change alot in just 3 years. (Sept 11 2000 -Sept 11 2003)

Commander in Chief

Even if Hillary gets in as Vice President. What if it follows the script?.
Gulliani (President) Hillary (VP)
or Frist (President) Hillary (VP)

Some say,,,ahh thats just fantasy movie was the series on Chris Carters "The Lone Gunman"
The Lone Gunmen: 1AEB79 Pilot
(4th March 2001) 6 months before 911

Unfortunately, it happened.

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