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UN raises alarm on death squads and torture in Iraq

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 12:50 PM
BAGHDAD, Sept 8 (Reuters) - The United Nations raised the alarm on Thursday about mounting violence in Iraq blamed on pro-government militias and urged the authorities to look into reports of systematic torture in police stations.

In a bi-monthly human rights report, released on a day when 14 more victims of "extrajudicial executions" were found near Baghdad, the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq also said "mass arrests" by U.S. and Iraqi forces, and long detentions without charge, could damage support for the new political system.

"Corpses appear regularly in and around Baghdad and other areas. Most bear signs of torture and appear to be victims of extrajudicial executions," it said, noting incidents reported after arrests by "forces linked to the Ministry of Interior".

The Shi'ite-led government has denied accusations from the once dominant Sunni Arab minority that it tolerates sectarian death squads among police forces. It has admitted that abuses do occur but has vowed to crack down. Sunni insurgents are also accused of mass killings of civilians and security personnel.

The U.N. body said it had raised such issues with the Iraqi government, which insists that Iraq has put repression behind it, and expected it to publish reports on its investigations.

The United Nations repeated its condemnation of Iraq's revival of the death penalty; it hanged three criminals last week and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said this week that his predecessor, Saddam, should be "hanged 20 times a day".


What exactly has changed since the removal of Saddam's regime?

People still die on daily basis.

People are still detained and tortured and abused by the current authorities of the newly elected Iraqi goverment.

The Death Sentance is back and the new "president" Talabani would like to hand Saddam 20 times a day.

Where is that Peace and Liberty and Democracy?

Where is that Freedom that Bush promised?

There is none.

The US Goverment showed it's true face with the Katrina disaster and their foreign politics are clearly mirrored in the Iraqi Crisis.


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