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Katrina Disaster Comparison.............

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 12:17 PM
This information is readly available on the web as well as it was
presented by Simon Winchester Oxford University Graduate
and Author of "Crack in the Edge of the World"
on KHOW radio this morning, Sept 9th, 2005.

This is a comparison of natural disasters within the United States of America.
Disaster: San Francisco Earth Quake
Time: 5:12am, April 18th, 1906
Place: San Francisco California
President: Theodore (Teddy Roosevelt)
Presidents Location: White House.
Available Method of Travel: Horse, Horse Drawn Buggy, Train.
Available Methods of Communication: Telegraph, Pony Express
Number of citizens involved: 400,000
Number of citizen deaths: 3000+
Time to Local Response: Immediate
Time to State Response: 60 Minutes.

Time to Federal Response: 153 Minutes (2 hrs, 33 mins)

Definition of Response:

1. Within 153 Minutes of the earth quake
hitting San Francisco all available
soldiers from the Presidio lined the
streets of San Francisco as ordered by
U.S. Army General Frederick Funston.
2. The General was under the direction of the
Mayor of San Francisco.
3. Within 72 hours Teddy Roosevelt had 1/10
of the entire U.S. Army in San Francisco
helping with cleanup and relief efforts.
4. The U.S. Congress had met at 4:00am the
day after the quake hit and had passed
the resolution for relief efforts.
5. Within 72 hours after the quake, all the
tents in possession of the United States
Army had been brought to San Francisco
for civilians to live in. Food and supplys
were in the city at this time as well.
6. Within 72 hours the cleanup of San Francisco
was well under way.

Disaster: Hurricane Katrina
Time: 7:00am, August 29th, 2005.
Place: New Orleans, Louisiana
President: George W. Bush
Presidents Location: Vacation.
Available Method of Travel: Jet Airplane, Car, Trucks, etc.
Available Methods of Communication: Radio, Cell Phone, Phone,
Internet Chat, Email, etc.
Number of citizens involved: 500,000
Number of citizen deaths: N/A at this time.
Time to Local Response: N/A at this time.
Time to State Response: Request for Federal Aid
on Friday August 26th.
Time to Federal Response: Friday Sept, 2nd, 2005 (8 days)

Definition of Response:

1. National Guard
arrives in New Orleans, LA.
2. President Bush tours the area.
3. President Bush orders 7000 active duty army to the area.
4. Cleanup started after 8 days.

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 12:33 PM
I can't believe there are no comments!!!!!!!!! What's up??

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