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200 Terrorists Arrested in Iraq – Mostly Foreign Fighters

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 09:39 AM
It appears the ISF and Coalition forces are routing the foreign terrorist driven insurgency in Iraq. It also appears that Syria is supporting the terrorist effort by allowing its borders to be used by the terrorists openly. Most sizeable operations these days are happening along the Syrian border…curious….

Story here

TAL AFAR, Iraq (AP) - A joint U.S.-Iraqi force punched deep into Tal Afar, a key insurgent staging ground near the Syrian border, and the Iraqi army said Thursday it arrested 200 suspected militants in the sweep - three-fourths of them foreign fighters.

Most of the estimated civilian population of 200,000 have now fled this predominantly Turkmen city, where 70 percent of that ethnic group is Sunni Muslim - the sect that dominates the Iraqi insurgency. The U.S. military reported killing seven insurgents over the past two days amid growing indications the joint force was preparing to intensify the operation

At this pace the ISF and Coalition forces will decimate the terrorist backed insurgent gangs in no time at all.


posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 12:39 PM

Very Interesting...

The insurgents are mainly drawn from Iraq's third main community, Sunni Arabs, who account for some 20 percent of the population and have dominated Iraqi politics for decades, under ousted leader Saddam Hussein and before

The Main body of Insurgency in Iraq is represented by the Sunni Arabs - not foreign fighters, as you suggested.

"Every situation is different. Don't try to equate Tal Afar with any previous operation,'' General Lynch said.

...meaning that the case of Tal Anfar offensive does not represent the entire operations of Coalition forces in Iraq.

He said U.S. forces had "indications'' that insurgents were living in Tal Afar, and intelligence reports suggested some 20 percent of them were "foreign fighters.'' He did not say where they came from.

Apparently only TWENTLY PERCENT of the fighters were foreign - and not three-fourths.

And I trust Reuters and New York Times more then some "My-Way-News".


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