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Any Channeling groups in Southern California?

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 05:07 AM
Sometimes it seems like everyone except me is channeling all sorts of spiritual beings and learning the secrets of both the universe and next week.

I feel like I'm missing out.

I'm in Southern California. Orange County/Riverside area. I would like to participate in a session.

Here's my proposal:

If you run a regular channeling group, and it seems proper, I ask that you ask your channel if my presence would be both welcome and benefiecial. If all agree, then I'll come out and introduce myself, and if neither you nor I scare the other away, I will attempt to participate.

After the session, if it seems appropriate, I will then report my experience back here on the boards for everyone to read. if I think you're a nutcase, i will say so. If I think your channel is communicating truth, I will say so. If all consider it appropriate, I might be willing to continue with additional sessions.

Let's say that people vibrate. It seems reasonable that with the number of groups channeling there would be someone out there with whom my own vibrations would resonate...groups which would benefit from my presence just as much as I would benefit from attending.

This would be a good thing.

So please, if you feel inclined to do so, ask your channel if my offer would be to the benefit of your group and to humanity. The channel recieves a collectively stronger vibrational antenna, your group receives clearer answers, I get to try this whole channeling thing, all of humanity is aided in its spiritual progress, and people here on ATS may get an interesting few posts to read.

Everyone benefits.

Any takers?


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