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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 09:28 PM

Psiwheel: (tk practice)

Astral projection


A few defentations
Ghosts:recorded images of people. Think of them as just a hologram

Spirits: Souls or what ever of beings. They can help/harm you and they can interact with you

Poltergists: Spirts that can effect the real world, Chairs flying ect.

Majik/majic: The real magic, no this is not fireballs think of it as subtil like messing with emotions or finding lost things almost like a prayer answered.

Rekti: (I hope I spelled that right) A healing form on psi. By following a ritual and putting in energy you according to the belief be able to heal minor wounds (dont take on cancer like this)

Hemisync: A music that you pay 20 dollers for to hope you can achive brainwave levels by listening to

Brainwave generator: see hemisync but with 30 free trial (I like it better)

sleep paralysis: your body is asleep but your brain is wide awake used mostly in oobes

oobe=out of body experence

Feel free to post more links down below also if this gets a lot of helpfull links can we sticky it to stop all these posts

"Whats astral projection," "whats an aura, how do i see it"

no offense to all of you.
we were all there i am just trying to help out a bit


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