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Can I just say that David Icke is out of his mind!

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 05:02 PM
I've been to this site off and on for some time now and I'm sick of all this David Icke madness. The guy is obviously either a lunatic or very smart to the point of weaving such incredible bs and making wads of cash off it, making him in some sense a genius.

But give me a break. Shape shifting reptiles and our world basically being a Matrix just like in the movie of the same name. His writing is interesting Science Fiction at best and some of it, unfortunately, plagiarized.

I was disgusted recently when my 22 year old daughter actually brought up his name at the dinner table and said she believed everything he wrote or said. I had to laugh and told her David Icke was insane. She was shocked I even knew who he was. After I spewed some of the stuff he had written about she understood I was familiar with him.

In many ways, the world is heading in a bad place. Mr. Icke is taking advantage of everyone's fears and cashing in on it. He even writes about the year 2012, which the Mayans believed to be the year the world would end....on Dec 12, 2012. But he spins it into the year the Illuminati or NWO will have fully taken over the planet....others think it is going to be the year of global awakening where the planet becomes a wonderful place again. Whatever......

David Icke is worse than any creature he claims exists and worse than any politician he claims to be a "shapeshifter." If anything he is a "shapeshifter." Underneath his facade lies the devil!

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 09:01 AM
What really surprises me is how many people are buying into that stuff. I don't know if it's from playing fantasy video games,etc that make people more receptive or what? Any theories??

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by mercury19
What really surprises me is how many people are buying into that stuff. I don't know if it's from playing fantasy video games,etc that make people more receptive or what? Any theories??

I have also noticed this, more people seem to be buying into these sorts of theories, and not just with Icke's stuff. For example, I've seen people that believe Jedi are actually real and that the Force exists.

My theory, or perhaps I should call it an opinion, is this: I think there are genuine conspiracies out there, and some of them are likely quite large. However, I am quite sure they do not reach to include reptilian royalty, the Matrix, 6000 year old masonic reptoid aliens, 200+ visiting alien species, armageddon in 2012, vatican antipopes, suppressed tesla technology, overnight global weather alterations, or hidden Atlantean civilizations, not to mention some of the convoluted webs I have seen trying to connect several of these theories together. (all of the above are claims I have seen put forth by various people, and probably all have been discussed on ATS, too)

(ugh, sorry for the little rant there) Anyway, I believe that people see that there is something going on, but they (like me) are not exactly sure what it is. They try, with varying degrees of success or failure, to come up with explanations for what they see occurring in politics, world events, business, and the like. The internet has brought about a big boom in these sorts of theories, since they get distributed to a much larger audience much more quickly, and average people tend to believe anything they see on the internet, and then the theories breed and intermingle, until you get stuff like Icke's world-dominating reptilians.

My two cents.

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 08:23 AM

I think there are genuine conspiracies out there, and some of them are likely quite large.

I agree with you here. There's a lot going on we are unaware of and some of it scary stuff I'm sure, but people like Icke and his like take it to the maximum extreme for the sole purpose of selling books and I'm sure they laugh all the way to the bank. In a sense, I consider him a cult leader.....with a bunch of mindless zombies believing his every word.

We need people to give the masses hope, not spread their doom and gloom bs philosophies. The world is a tough enough place to live without Icke and his like trying to scare the masses into following their nonsense.

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 10:12 AM
I totally believe that David Icke is either insane or a master at marketing himself, his theories (sic) and his books. However, I'd like to play Devils' Advocate and raise an issue. If YOU had "discovered" the supposed truth about such a universal conspiracy about a global matrix and shape-shifting reptillians, how would you go about revealing this "reality"?

One of the true strengths about Conspiracy theories is that, often, they are so convoluted and involved that they are difficult to believe and accept.
I just hope that Icke is, indeed, a madman or master marketeer. Otherwise, we are all in deep trouble.

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 10:18 AM
but lies generate more cash!

also plz buy some crystals from me, you require crystal power to heal your aura, amber is healing!


posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 12:40 PM
yeah.....I have a bad backache.....can you sell me some crystals that would help....or at least a mantra. I love the New Age. Why can't everyone just forget what they know and simply accept whatever someone cool like David Icke says. He's written a book you know so he must be correct.

POPPYCOCK (can I say that?)

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 01:25 PM
To me it's a matter of separating wheat from chaff. While I agree with David Icke on a lot of things, I just don't buy into the reptilian stuff.

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 08:30 AM
I just have a question, Xanax...for someone who thinks Icke is insane (as you're saying in this thread - and I absolutely agree!), you're quoting/sourcing him an awful lot elsewhere to prove a certain point you're trying to make...

Sorry, sorry, moving on. Just pointing out an oddity. Because it's Thursday, and that's what Thursdays are for

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 10:32 AM

suppressed tesla technology

I do believe there is some Tesla technology that has been suppressed. At one time his lab was blown up and probably on purpose to cover up something he was doing...

And Tinkleflower.....maybe XanaX disagrees with some of Icke's crazy ramblings but some of the stuff that Icke posts on his sites is not his thoughts but just him printing the thoughts of maybe he agrees with some of the stuff that Icke is simply repeating.....not with Icke's craziness such as Reptiles and Matrixes and other nonsense....

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 02:15 PM
XanaX, you stated at the opening of this thread that the concept of a reality "matrix" is being taken from the movie of the same name. The truth is that the idea of "reality" not being reality is more ancient than most world religeons. The Hindu concept of maya, or illusion, explains just this, that all we percieve is only the way it is because we percieve it to be as such.
If you take a look at Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle you can see this in action. Considering how little we know, comparitively, about the quantum state of matter, think it's reasonable to state that other qualities other than momentum and position are uncertain depending on the observation. As for the reptilians, it's no more implausable than angels telling Mary and Joseph that their son will be the son of God ;^)

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 04:31 PM
I dont think he is crazy at all.. just another propagandist looking to cash in on peoples fears. i for one woudlnt trust him as far as i can spit, which is acually quite some distance

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 09:38 PM
I thought that he suffered greatly at the beginning of his revelations, lost his position on the BBC and at Greenpeace too.

Surely with his name and in the position he was it would have been much easier and financially astute to remain quiet on his beliefs. He must have known that too. I wonder if even now the money from appearences and booksales has equaled what he would have earnt if he's kept quiet? From what I hear it isn't that financially rewarding compared to what his previous positions would have paid. Didn't his website have to temporarily recently due to lack of funds?

So why then take this more difficult (financially and personally) path in life over a garunteed safe income without the ridicule?

[edit on 25/10/05 by Mark Harris]

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 11:34 AM
Hello fellow threadmates,

I recently gave Icke some of my money for his new book as I have been unable to local any of work at my library, which made me proud, but wanting to get the milk from the cow, I laid down my cash.

I have to say, I have enjoyed his lunacy in high order. I have read all sorts of science fiction, from the masters to schlock over the years, but his is beyond the beyond, as his wild allegations unsubstantiated by any credible evidence tie every conspiracy and paranoid fear of the undercurrents of human culture in a fine tapastry of lunacy that I find highly entertaining.

I do, however, understand the rational fear that these types of 'truths' can pervert the honest search for unknown and unexplainable. The power in propaganda comes not from controlling information, but 'disinformation'. Unfortunately, the weak minded, the uneducated and the gullialbe grasp at any alternate idea that would explain their poor lot in life, because it can never be 'their' fault that they refuse to understand reason, logic, mathematics, semantics and haven't a strong contextual grasp of history, overt and covert. These require hard work and intent focus of will.

OF COURSE, there have been conspiracies throughout history, hidden groups and secret societies, but consider them in one over arching control mechanism is a great paranoia. They COMPETE within themselves and among others and with open groups with transparent agendas, just as the GREENS have opposing agendas to, say, the Capitalists, as the left and right compete for the hearts and minds of the masses, misleading them and waylaying them at times.

I just don't consider human beings that competent. They are too weak, too silly, too human, full of vices and virtues that cause them to self destruct. The only way to truly keep a secret is to have a cabal of ONE! Once you tell another, your capacity to maintain it is reduced by 50% and your margin of error expands exponentially.

I generally recommend to my more higher strung friends that they avoid Icke and his ilke. Like I always say: "Leave the thinking to people equipped for it."

So, did the aliens land in Roswell, have they been all along, is that information supressed to avoid mass panic?

I can't see how any of these ideas help me, as an individual, in my life long quest for spiritual, intellectual and physical advancement. I can't quite see how the forces of the planets can mold my personality, when the forces exerting themselves on me daily are of such a greater magnitude (noise, pollution, irratating dimwits, etc.).

I do believe that people are gravitating towards these ideas because of the backlash against the rise of the scientific agenda. When we all dwelled in the house of 'magical thinking' (religious rites, summoning of spirits, the coming of the Christ, etc.) ALL technology was in the hands of the Gods, but as in the myth of Prometheus, we have wrestled some techniques free and have used them to remold our position in the order of things and have abandoned 'magic' for reason, logic and scientific method. However, this has not really kept pace with our moral imperative, so rather than take blame personally and societally, we make the leap that science and reason ITSELF must be to blame, so we turn away, back to "magical thinking"

Thus the rise of NEW AGE conspiracies, alternative world views, etc. Which are no more helpful than having immoral men with their hands on "THE BUTTON" so to speak.

"Only ourselves can free our minds." - bob

peace unto you all and good luck on your quests.

Captain All Hubbard

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 11:47 AM
David Icke is a sort of reptillian himself: half English David Icke and half American John Lear.

Those boys can shift BS like no one else. (Pftt. shift. hmm).

Both are entertaining, have indifferent backgrounds and enjoy ludicrous observations of the world (and beyond) without any real proof.

With that being said, get out the popcorn but don't be changing religion or moving to the mountains just yet!

Take them both with a pinch of salt, but enjoy.


posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by XanaX

Ok you must be a christian or something to use the devil word here i mean i don't believe the guy either but your just another mindless person believing in a false god.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 12:57 AM
I found David Icke's lectures (free on his website) very informing. I agreed with everything he said, the big brother, microchipped population and all the conspiracy theories. However, when I read about the reptilian humanoids from the constellation Draco and how white people came from the constellation Lyra or whatever. I just lost all respect for the guy. He seemed to be so true on every other account, he inspired me to think and to be myself and not a follower, but I could not believe what I read!!

Yes, I believe in Atlantis, Lemuria-- all this is possible!

But reptilian creatures from the 4th dimension who control our minds, come on?
He claims that there are people walking around that can shift between reptiles and humans and also that all the world leaders are really lizards. Also, there is are lizard humanoids living under the earth (under los angeles and new mexico).
Although it makes sense to think humans could have come from another planet because we are so different than all other creatures (intellectually and physically besides the apes); it makes no sense at all that there are lizard humanoids that have advanced technology living on earth.

I do believe there is life out there and maybe we have been visited.

Icke seems so down to earth and believable but I gotta draw the line somewhere. At one point his book started to become fiction as opposed to factual information which is what I thought I was going to be reading.

One question, if all this reptilian, matrix theory is true; then why would the controllers of the world allow hollywood to make movies depicting this scenario at the risk of getting exposed or caught? The idea of the matix is not original, according to the history channel (the universe series) there are multidimensions out there and a copy of you and I and a copy of earth exists somewhere very far away. So parallel universes do exist, so say top scientists from Berkeley and USC. Extra dimensions do exist.

Based on String Theory (the theory that marries Relativity and Quantum Mechanics) extra dimensions (up to 10 or so) must exist.

So some of this is backed by science.

But reptilian creatures that rule this world, Come on!

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 10:41 AM
now i do know that david icke is, like most of you previously stated, out of his mind or a great business man... but one thing he's SORT of right about... is the matrix... HOWEVER, its definately not the way he describes it. our matrix is different, and VERY simple. Each one of us is a person. unfortunately, most of us have NO idea what that really means, because a person and a human being are NOT the same thing. when you're born you are registered (birth certificate), what this is actually doing is creating a fictional legal entity, or a "person". from this point on likely to the end of our lives, we are constantly accepting liability and responsability for this person, in the form of taxes, tickets, laws, statutes, acts, ANYTHING. most people are completely unaware that NO ONE BUT GOD has authority over any of us. read your human rights.
1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
that means, we are ALL born free and equal. no one human being has ANY authority over another. the only reason it seems like they do is because of this "person". every country is a corporation, and all of the "persons" are technically employees. this is what gives them the power over you. this is where the "MATRIX" is. we are basically controlling fictional legal entities in a fictional legal world.
imagine if we all we aware of this, do you think we would accept responsability for our "persons" anymore? hell no. thus, the many many many rabbit holes of "TRUTH" for poor suckers who really just want to know why everything sucks so bad.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 02:54 PM
I agree with this completely. I read his interveiw and as soon as I heard him mention seeing peoples heads appear into bloody reptiles, I couldnt help but think this guy is definetly insane.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 12:11 PM
He's a nutter alright....but there is some interesting bloodline research he's done. Still, it's a 5/95 ratio of good/crap...

Nothing will be as funny or mundane as December 13, 2012....

Kind of like January 1, 2000....

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