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Skull and Bones connections to terrorism

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posted on Sep, 19 2002 @ 05:27 PM
Hello. According to the new book Secrets of the Tomb (, George W. Bush is a Skull and Bones member who has placed other Bonesmen in key positions such as the general counsel of the office on Homeland Security and senior adviser on national security. The book also shows how members of Skull and Bones were in charge of the deployment of the atomic bomb, were connected with Hitler, and also the Bay of Pigs Invasion. It also shows how Bonesmen helped George W.'s father (also a Bonesman) further his plans for Iraq. Coincidence? Did anybody see "The Skulls"? That was written by a member of a Yale secret society, who must have known what he was doing when he had the society's main room adorned with 10-foot letters spelling out WAR... And I'm pretty skeptical usually... But Skull and Bones is more in power than ever, and see where that's getting us?


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