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Don’t ask psychich/spiritualist [Edit] Here’s a word of advice.

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 02:42 PM
If you are thinking of ever having a reading done by Claudia*mod edit*, I’d think twice about it. I think she is a fraud too. My best friend Christy had a reading done by her about love and health. All she did in the reading for my friend was put her down. She didn’t help her at all. Never once did she apologize to my friend for the things she said. She told my friend she was nothing men wanted to love and be with. Claudia said she learned a long time ago that when a guy looks at you they are only being friendly or nice, so it was all in my friend's head that a guy liked her, and implied they never did. (Claudia doesn’t understand that looking at my friend is all those guys are capable of doing). She said my friend had to work on herself to become what men want to love and be with, was needy and intense and scaring men away. She said my friend wasn’t willing to be friends, when it was the guys who never were. She said my friend had to be honest with herself about being nothing men wanted to be with or love, and said she expected too much from guys. She told my friend it was her fault when she got hurt for having it in her head they liked her just cuz they looked at her, when they didn’t like her in the first place, but if they did she scared them away with her intensity. She said my friend was needy and didn’t want to be around her because of that. She didn’t know my friend’s situations to be saying that stuff. (She also told my friend she should try the personal ads because she had fun with them. Well, my friend did try them, and those guys wanted nothing to do with my friend when they saw her picture, because she wasn't what they expected in looks. If she didn't look right, they wanted nothing to do with her. Yes they are the ones who expect too much. They wanted nothing to do with my friend even as friends. First of all that stuff about my friend isn’t true at all. She just gets treated badly by guys all the time, no matter how nice she is to them. They are just cowards and too immature to have a relationship with a girl. My friend just never had any luck finding a decent guy, never dated or had a boyfriend. Claudia is 51 and was married 25 years and then was with someone else. After she told my friend rejection isn’t easy to take but is apart of life she told her how this new person came along. (Fist she said my friend shouldn’t take rejection personally, then she said it was her fault when she was because she was the things I mentioned.) That was really mean, when Claudia has no idea what it’s like to be alone, rejected by guys, or hurt, everyday of your life and never have a romantic experience, still at 35, and how that hurts. She had no business saying that stuff to my friend when my friend just wanted some of what Claudia had for her whole life, which was nothing but love and being with someone. My friend knows nothing about that, and that’s all Claudia knows. Love is a part of life too, and Claudia knows that better than rejection, loneliness, or anything else like my friend did. We made comments to let Claudia know how much the stuff she told my friend bothered and affected her everyday of her life, and how she got that in her head and really made her feel bad about herself. But Claudia didn’t care. All she did was accuse my friend of harassing her and didn’t believe I, Tessie, didn’t exist. My friend went to her with the hopes she could help her and all she got was this, and nonsense reasons about her health problems and why she never found anybody, and put down. I don’t know how these psychics can get away with saying that stuff. She just went on her merry way, not caring how the stuff she said constantly and continuously bothered my friend, and never once apologized to her. I don’t know why it’s OK for these psychics to say things like that to people and not OK to say anything to them about it. Then she said my friend had breathing problems because she didn’t enjoy her life and it would go away if she did something fun. If that were true, everyone who had breathing conditions could just do that and heal and never take medicine. Then she talks about emotions, but she doesn’t think, care, or understand how the stuff she told my friend affected her emotionally in certain situations, or how bad it made her feel. Then she has this thing how to get the most from your reading, like my friend had said, ‘too bad I didn’t get the most from it.’ She didn’t help my friend or say one positive/helpful thing at all. She just cut her down. So, if anyone is thinking about having a reading done by her, I’d think twice about it. She just causes people emotional distress.

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 02:51 PM
First welcome to the board.

Second do not post anyones personal information

Third try using paragraphs, I and most others didn't read more than the first couple sentences because of that

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 10:32 PM
I didn't read all of it due to tiredness, combined with what Amuk said about paragraphs. Brief skimming and I think I get the jist. Sorry if I missed something...

But basically... it was a reading. Are you expecting all readings to be positive? Some people have bad things in their future. Do you think she is a fraud just because she said negative, true things? Everything in your post backs up that your friend DOES have trouble with guys, which is exactly what this Claudia person said.

She had no business saying that stuff to my friend when my friend just wanted some of what Claudia had for her whole life, which was nothing but love and being with someone.

.... your friend is the one who asked for a reading on her love and health. That's what she got, wasn't it?

This reminds me of the SEVERELY OBESE lady who sued her doctor for telling her that she was fat, when it was having severe implications on her health. Jeez, what's next? Are you going to sue the lottery because your ticket didn't win? Guess what... LIFE SUCKS.

If somebody tells you that when you are 64, you are going to die in a car crash (and they entirely believe what they are saying), is this fraud, or wrong? No... it is just the truth; fact. Your friend does have health problems. The psychic said she had those health problems. She has trouble with guys. The psychic told her that she has problems with guys, and suggested how to fix it. What more do you want?

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 06:53 AM

Originally posted by Amuk
do not post anyones personal information

He better hope this psychic is not a good one. Cuz you don't want to mess with a good one who doesn't take kindly to being bashed. Cuz if someone reported this thread before it was edited, this psychic could seek revenge by destroying your life from behind the scenes, so to speak. A good psychic can also see behind a false pretense/name/gender. So you won't be as anonymous as you think you are. And if bashing is taking place elsewhere, she will surely hunt you down.

But of course what I say is anecdotal, based on anecdotal observations of what an angry genuine psychic with bad ethics & additional psi talents can do to manipulate a person's life from behind the scenes.


posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 09:58 AM
Another thing to consider is that most false psychics simply feed back information that you have already provided to them. They may ask questions, try to listen in as you talk with other people etc, and than basically tell you what you have already made available, but of course not in the same words.

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 10:23 AM
Sounds to me like your friend didn't get the reading she wanted so you came here to bad mouth this Claudia as a way of revenge.

Why bother?

In my opinion it sounds like this medium was pretty close to the truth. I'm not saying that she was as i've never met your friend but if i'd gone to a medium for a reading and they told me some complete rubbish i'd just have discard it as nonsense and left it at that. However if i'd gone and she told me something i didn't like but secretly new deep down was correct i might become up set and have a problem with it as did your friend.

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 10:34 AM
I think she is "the friend" or it would not have made her so upset.

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