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FHP Helps Docs, Nurses Turned Away By FEMA Reach Storm Victims

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 10:57 AM
The number of stories coming out about help being turned away and refused just absolutely bewilders me. How is this crap even possible? Did I ever mention that I think FEMA failed and sucks big time?
Go Florida Highway Patrol

FHP Helps Docs, Nurses Turned Away By FEMA Reach Storm Victims

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- A medical mercy mission to a Mississippi city ravaged by hurricane-ravaged almost didn't happen.

Doctors and nurses with HealthSouth St. Augustine Sugery Center said Federal Emergency Management Agency officials refused to let their group carrying staff and a trailer of medical supplies into the restricted area.

"'Go home, we don't need you,'" Kathleen Floyan of HealthSouth said they were told. "If it wasn't for our state of Florida Highway Patrolmen ... (who) told us. 'Follow us, we'll put you in this location.' They put us across from the Waveland, Miss., Police Department."

The city, right on the water southwest of Biloxi, was almost leveled by Hurricane Katrina. Residents there said they felt forgotten, abandoned and neglected.

"They were devastated before they were banging on the door of the R.V.," registered nurse Cindee Wade said.

Katrina's victims were wheeled to these doctors in shopping carts or carried by relatives.


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