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poor and elderly people

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 06:30 AM
Hurricane katrina has proved that society dosnt care about the poor and the elderly.
Who can honesty say they give a toss about the elderly and the poor?
Now be honest when you post on this thread. Unless its someone I know I dont give a second thought to poor people.
Why should I pretend to care?
Do I want to see poor people do better for themselvs?
Of course I do low incomes and high crime rates are connected I just think that government handouts arent always the answer.
Dont get me wrong I wouldnt wish a natural disater on anyone.
I respect the elderly often they are war vets and society sometimes gives them a rough deal.
Do I care ?
My Pa is in a rest home while it saddens me I dont care enough to look after him myself. In non western countries the familys take greater care of the elderly.

I want elderly people to have an income after the y turn 65 but I want min government involvement. People should be given a bank account that allows them to save money tax free.
How do we increase the amount people save?
Tax cuts by themselvs arent enough. However if wages keep up with inflation and people are given tax cuts people will save more.

The same applys to low income people they would be much better off if they earnt enough to have a good quality of life.
A measure would be to get rid of taxs on goods and services. I cant even buy a bottle of millk without paying some kind of tax.

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 12:19 PM
We are a society that has become very unfeeling about our eiders, the best care somebody with means can give them is to put them in a nursing home.

But at least they are been taken care off.

But if you are elderly and poor most of the time you are on your own.

Poverty in our country has become a growing problem, every year more and more people are falling under it. Lost of Jobs, low pay jobs and so on.

It was a time when the government used to make time and money to help with the social needs of poor with social programs.

But now we have been lead to believe that spending on the poor and needy is useless because they are never going to be better, and that is not true.

Our government prefer to leave it to charities and faith base programs to take care of the problem but they are under they own agendas.

Poverty has become a circle of vise.


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