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Sleep paralysis within a dream

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 04:24 AM
I have had sleep paralysis a few times over the last year and came to the conclusion that it was a natural cause that was behind it . However last night i was totally blown away as i managed to have "sleep paralysis" within my dream. In my dream i began to wake up slowly, realising that i couldnt move. Oh well another sleep paralysis episode i thought to myself. But this time was different, in trying to force myself to move i "consciously" (bearing in mind that im sleeping) went went into my memory and remembered to an ATS thread where someone said just to relax and breath normally to come out of it.

This i did and as my eye lids fought to open i caught a glimpse of a small dark thing about the size of an action man doing something down by my abdomen. I was scared sh**less as i could also sense something by the side of my bed that was making a mechanical type of clicking noise. Struggling now to stay relaxed i broke free of whatever was holding me down and went to get some water from my side table(still in my dream but in my own room). I grasped what i could only describe as a chalice type of cup and tried to drink what was in it. Being so numb from my experience i spilled some of it down my face and eventually fell back asleep or woke up, i cant remember all i knew was i was back in my own room in reality wondering what had happend and why i was waking up again.

This freaked me out so much i stayed awake most of the night wondering what had occured it was almost like the twilight zone. The thing is the sleep paralysis within the dream happend in my room and in my bed (hope you follow that). I dont know what to think really but i guess i am believer now that sleep paralysis is some sort of super natural occurence which i am going to investigate until i find the real reason behind it.

Could it be an in house alien abduction?
A spiritual guide?
or what?
i dont know i just dont accept it is a natural occurence after experiencing what i did last night.

Sorry if i havent been clear just ask me if you want more details.

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 02:48 PM
YO WTF? I just posted this yesterday:
I had pretty much the same experience, I guess you just didn't happen to read my thread. Please read it and send me a u2u or something like that with more details. This seems like a pretty strange coincidence, or someone is screwing with me.

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 04:14 AM
I never knew your thread existed till now. That is strange! That was my first post on ATS and i was actually going to post something completely different from this topic when that happend to me on wednesday night. I just had to post it and find answers. Now i know it is not natural phenonema. It cant possibly be, i dont know whether i was in a parallel universe or something because i was actually in my own room in my dream which was weird it was just different somehow,more hazy. I dont often get sleep paralysis but that was freaky. It has came at a stage in my life where i am becoming more spirtual within myself and asking for guidance in life from a higher power. I meditate often and im currently able to see t peoples auras as i have been teaching myself to try and open up my mind or "third eye" so i can see past the solid matter we see on a daily basis. Im looking for answers anout life, who we are and why we are here, and my intuition is telling me something is changing in the world i can feel it. Something just seems off. Im not anybody special im a 19 years old and work 9 to 5 like most folk but i have a keen interest in finding out the who whats and whys of the world. Who knows what happend to me ill just keep asking myself the questions until i find the answers.

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 06:57 AM
First you can rule out this being a spirit guide,

I have had a simular happening, But not seeing a small figure..

Have you had any added stress latley?

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 07:18 AM
i very rarely get stressed as i can almost go into deep meditation just by closing my eyes. Any time i feel a bit stressed i find a quiet spot and meditate for a few minutes so i can reignite my focus and my positivity. Before i go to sleep i relieve my mind of all negative tension and thoughts by meditating so im never ever stressed before going to sleep. Might not be a spirit guide, however it is something super-natural that i cant percieve at this moment in time, but believe me i will ask myself over and over until i formulate the answer. Thanks for asking though appreciate your help

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by sparkyloveandlight
i very rarely get stressed as i can almost go into deep meditation just by closing my eyes.

If not stress any other changes going on in your life?

Also, this sleep paralysis you felt in your dream, is it different than (if you have ever experienced it) the feeling of not being able to run in a dream if you're being chased? I remember having a dream where a lion/tiger or cougar was chasing me and my legs would just not work no matter how hard I tried to move them.

I have had sleep paralysis before too, but I can't recall ever having sleep paralysis in a dream (though I only sometimes have dreams within a dream to wake up from...if you follow).

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posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 09:24 AM
the only change would be a spiritual one i suppose i have a lot more faith in myself and i feel more connected to the earths energies than i ever have done. The experience was very real and it did feel like the previous enconters ive had with sleep paralysis but this time it was in a dream or maybe even a different realm. The main difference with this one was probably the witnessing of the small black shadow figure standing beside my bed at my abdomen, and the realism of it all. Before i would just knock it off as natural phenomena but not now. No way!. something was there that really cant be explained naturally. It was no dream but it was if you no what i mean.

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 12:44 PM
Thanks for the answers,

Ok lets look at a few more things...

Was there any smells that you can recall? What was the main feeling, Fear , calmness ect?

Has anything else strange happened in your house in that room?

Im also thinking it may be worth looking in to OBE (though im not very clued up on that) but im sure others may have some ideas for you,

Also have you checked yourself for any markings....

Keep a log of everything you remember and if you have this again or any other stange happenings, Could be a link somewhere in there,

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 01:43 AM
that seems too you know the real reason why sleep paralysis happends? you probably do...but anyways..that incodent with the small figure by your abdomen...when my parents divorced..i had moved from ny to florida...while i was there for the short period of 4 months before moving back..i had a very strange experience with sleep paralysis..of course at the time i didnt know what it was so it scared the sh** out'a me!...i shared a room with my older brother...i slept on the top bunkbed....while in the middle of my sleep i can remember this EXTREME! feeling of fear,anxioty,pleasure(that might sound wierd but i felt it lol) it was the worst feeling i had ever eyes kinda just flew open in such a disturbance..and i couldnt move my body as i lay there on my bed...that part scared me..but not as much as the fact that this black shadow figure towering over me,kinda like streching its figure from the bottom of my bed to looking down upon me( kinda like on samurai jack,that guy aku) was reaching its arms at me like it was ready to dive into my soul or something,and this happended for almost every night for a week straight..i think except for a day somwhere in there...i didnt even want to sleep at night...later down the line...not to long ago i had another one..except i saw a fairy flying over me....but i got this feeling of she wanted to harm me..she flew behind my head...thats when i gained control of my body and flew up to the otherside of my bed...i know that the reason for these things are you prettymuch open your eyes (half concious..and half not)..still dreaming with your reality backgrounds..of course..still not being able to move cuz your unconcious..but you said you had this experience in your dream..not that got me...all i remember hearing also was a sound of powerful winds...and you heard machines making noises..just a thought..wouldnt it be wierd...that thats our souls in another dimention trying to reach out to us?..or maybe we are opening some kind of channel in that state of mind...and reaching the dead?..thats the first time i heard of the shadow figure..other than mine~Kiliker

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 03:08 AM
No i dont know the real reasons behind it unfortunately, but now i feel it is something paranormal after my experience. Since my event last week i have noticed my dreams have become much richer, i.e more colour, sound and realness. I need to start writing my dreams down, i keep forgetting i believe it would help explain a lot of things in my life. The shadow person is a strange one, it could be something to do with youre soul or spirit being attacked or enlightened i really couldnt say for sure. Even though it was frightening experience i feel i would benefit from another one so i could look for more details. It just caught me by surprise because it has been so long since the last time i had one. Ill post again if i have another one or discover anything new about mu experience,
thanks for posting

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 06:55 PM
i sometimes have terible nightmares that when i wake up from them i feel as tho someone has been sitting on me and i have to really try to move my limbs and they feel soo numb. is this an ex. of sleep paralysis??

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 01:15 AM
from what ive heard..and experienced...the reason that sleep paralysis occurs is becuase...your mind is still unconcious (dreaming) when in your sleep you will open your eyes... what ever your dreaming at that moment will happen in your suroundings...(and it can be very frightning)since your still not concious (cuz your body hasnt woke up) you cant even move your body...usually only for a few seconds this in a nut open your eyes in your sleep when your still sleeping..making it possible to not be able to move your body and see things from your dreams in reality..from my was a very scary one....i dont know what to tell you cuz you didnt really give much detail

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 04:29 AM
I started this thread back in september last year and had forgotten most of that traumatic night. However i feel the need to revisit this as i had a similar experience last night.

I found my self in the back of a van lying down and i could see aliens/greys lined up parallel to a the road behind a forest setting i was being driven along. A voice said to me i was at Area 51 and was in Nevada. I dont know if there are any forests in Nevada as i live in Scotland. Next thing i know a grey walks in the back of the van and i become numb, paralysed from the neck down. I could feel a pressure on my anal passage and began to panic and managed to break free of the paralysis eventually but i awoke in a different location still dreaming and moved onto the next dream.

Anyone else have paralysis of late?
Im trying to make comparisons to the last time i had this and see if anything is similar in my life or with the world or moon and make a direct relationship between my experiences and external events.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 06:34 AM
I posted the following in another forum on march the second this year. The thing that I find really hard to come to terms with is the sound that I heard.

"I had a similar experience two weeks ago. I was sleeping during the day and 'woke up' around two hours later. (I never usually sleep in the day but I assure you I was bored and had a week off college.)

First off is anyone familiar with that sound you get in your ears when you yawn or move your ears without actually touching them? It's an indescribable sound that only you can hear, similar to the sound you hear when your ears pop.

Anyway back to the story. As I was waking up I was fully aware of myself, I knew what was going on. I couldn't open my eyes but I knew I was no longer asleep. This sound now quickly started brewing in my ear and it was REALLY loud, very intrusive and ached oh so slightly. I couldn't move and I could barely see anything. Then I heard my mom coming up the stairs so I knew that I was definitely awake. I tried shouting to her but I couldn't talk. My mouth simply wouldn't open. All this time this loud noise was still present. The whole experience was like I wanted to wake up but my body didn't want to. I'd say this lasted for about twenty seconds, after which my eyes fully opened, the sound quickly faded and I was able to get up.

I checked that I wasn't lying on my arms or sleeping in a funny way because as I'm sure some of you are aware that the apparent morning 'paralysis' is often a case of lack of blood to limbs, meaning you can't move straight away even when awake. So I got out of bed wen't for a piss and told my mom the whole thing. Very odd experiece on the whole."


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 07:35 AM
I often have sleep paralysis while dreaming. Which is the worst as Im not really in control and I panic, try to thrash about and have more "stuff" happening. Its far more chaotic than a "real" sleep paralysis, for me, cos when it is a real one I much more calm and deal with it quickly.

I have found that I have had more dreaming sp than real ones, which really can suck as I dont have any control in my dreams, Ive not experience lucid dreams at all.

Ive come to the general understanding that these experiences could be a parable of what could be going on in places that we dont know about or understand, yet.

This also brings to mind of "astral travelling" while dreaming. I think that this can happen alot, for instance my partner seemed to have a dream that he came out of his body, he described to me what he saw. The most interesting part for me was his description of us, another us that was superimposed on our sleeping bodies. He told me that my "other self"was upside down in my physical body and his was much much smaller but the right way up. For me that was an Ahaaa moment, it showed me how I was dealing with my nightime "terrors", a defense mechanism perhaps.

I hope Ive made some sense, its hard to type about this, its either descriptives, "...then this happened then that..." or theories that if you really run with them can go to really "out there" places.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 09:39 AM
thing was last night all my dreams were very lucid more so than usual and i want it to happen again without the paralysis as that is something i cant control yet.

Maybe it is a form of astral travelling, it may not be initiated by yourself but another entity instead and thats why we dont feel in control. Im downloading some lucid dreaming programme from a torrent i found and apparently will chage your mental state in seven days after doing the programme and you will be able to control both your waking life and dreaming life. So heres hoping. I need answers and i believe i will find them if i could control myself when i dream.
Ill post back with my results in a weeks time.


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 03:38 PM
I had an experience a lot like yours, however I didn't see a little man. i did however see a man crawling on my bedroom floor.

I came to the conclusion that my mind woke up before my soul was finished astral traveling. Perhaps this is what happened to you and what you saw was some kind of astral being.

I think that when you accidently become consious during astral travel and are not used to concious astral travel it does feel like you're out of control.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 05:07 PM
Must be scary experience wanting too move but you can't i would panic,it's never happened too me.
If you had just woken up from dream you can imagine stuff as just woke up from weird dream.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 07:41 PM
I have this sort of thing happen quite often, but only during the day when no one is in the room with me. (I live in a college dorm, and if I nap it's when my roommate is gone.) Sometimes it's within a dream and sometimes, when I'm awake. Everything else is the same-- I can open my eyes but nothing else, the room is gray, and I can see shadowy figures surrounding the bed. There are usually four-- two on each side of the bed, and one at the foot. Since I recently moved my bed against the wall, they've started changing positions.

I've heard the "alien" theory and the "astral projection" theory and even a few more... but since I'm a little given to paranoia, I tend to tell myself it's nothing but a natural reaction to waking while in a dream state. I'd recommend that course of action-- it doesn't hurt to research, of course, but it's better to do it from a removed standpoint. That way, you're not quite as gullible.

I hope you find the answers you're looking for, at any rate. Maybe it's even different for every person. I hope you share your results with everyone.

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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 06:52 PM
Greetings my fellow ATS users, tis a pleasure. Not really upto date on pros on cons of this website I'm farley new, not to sure wether I'm posting this in the right space but if had an unusual encounter, more so than before anyhow and need answers asap!
Here we go..
Basically I'm always having sleep paralyse, I get it most nights and on average I'd say I could have it 15 times at max. I've been getting it since I was 15, now being 18 I've pretty much conquered my fear of it and it's just one of them things. I usually go about awaking from it by jolting myself, focusing all my energy into a body limp *my leg* and it takes a few attempts at first as sometimes il get all my energy harvested then fall back into sleep paralyse (very hard to follow, not to good at explaining this mumbo jumbo but please bear with me chaps) anyhow, that's usually my escape and it works a real charm, feel free to give it a whirl yourself. I did you to experience sleep paralyse super badly, I'd hear voises, see shadows and rarely have outer body experiences and roam about my humble abode whilst under sleep paralyse yet watching my mom, my dad, the awake and the living go about their life then I'd wake up and think hay that wasn't real, I'd then relay this information to my mom, dad ect and they'd be like, woah, we where actually doing what you've explained. So for example whilst roaming about id stumble apon my mom cleanin in the kitchen then I'd wake and tell her yet shed tell me she was just doing what I dreamt? So I came to the conclusion I'm lucid dreaming aka having outer body experiences. Freaky. Nevertheless today I had the worse experience yet; I didnt sleep at all last night and all day was wide awake and today I had to force myself asleep as I still wasn't tired regardless of my absence of sleep the previous night. Finally I'm asleep. I had a bizarre dream, of course what is bizzare, what is normal? All dreams are rather on the weird side. Yet for my personal self it was more bizarre so than usual, I then went asleep within my dream.. A dream within a dream.. *the plot thickens* nothing to fancy shmancy about this new dream within a dream other than getting a peck on the lips by a young chap, and usually due to past experiences whenever someone gets up close and personal within my dreams I suddenly become self aware and wake myself up using my methods in sleep paralyse, (focusing energy into leg) so I did this within my dream then awoke within my previous dream, everything was still the same it was like I'd resumed my last dream, still totally aware of what happened and that I'd awoke in my dream, yet I awoke in sleep paralyse? I remember trying to speak and it coming out all robotic and mechanic like, it turned into the matrix kind of. Green everywhere, numbers everywhere, electricity. At this point as you can imagine I was totally freaked out and seriously scared out my whits end. Like what was this place? Had I become stuck between universes? Stuck within myself? Was the images I saw my brain waves? My brain activity? Totally bamboozled *confused* by what was going on I used my ole hat trick -wake me up- trick of energy to leg, so I awoke out of sleep paralyse into the dream and began going totally insane as I couldn't wake up to "real life". I tried to kick myself out of this, I walked into another room as in this dream I was in ireland in a hotel so I found myself a bed and after about 30 attempts I managed to awake myself using my leg energy trick! I awoke so flustered so confused yet I was that relived to have woke I haven't bothered resuming my slumber I'm totally bewdered and am looking for answers behind A- dreaming within a dream itself, I've done this may a time yet haven't bothered investigating further. B- waking up within my dream from my previous dream with sleep paralyse. And C- sleep paralyse in general.. What does this all mean?
Is there a further explanation?
Again, it may be hard to follow not wonderful at explanations but id appreciate feedback.
Yours truly, brown-eyed-girl.
& that's all folks

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