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If there really are terrorists!

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posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 08:12 PM
first of all saddam hussien is not a good person i dont care what you say, anyone who kills hundreds of women and children is not justified to because "he needs to keep his people in check" thats ridiculous, if you were the president and you had the chance to remove a tyrant wouldnt you? whether or not there was another motivation(which i have to admit im sure there was)there is still a postive side about our entrace into iraq. the sad part is that i believe that the only people that should be complaining are the soilders that are out there suffering. sure there are consequences to the war such as ridiculously high gas prices but that does not compare to a soilder who has seen his comrades die, but they understand that war is war

(i was not offended but instead found myself warned by ats that id better edit some stuff i said or else, so i figured youd been offended and had complained about me)

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 08:30 PM
I agree, saddam wasnt a good person.
look at the finatical people he had to rule.
In that climate you have to be a ruthless ruler to control a finatical group. I DONT LIKE IT, but he controlled it with an iron fist.

He is no different to Nkorea, South Africa, Sudan, China the list goes on and on.

Its only more apparent to you, because the western media tells you more about HIS dealings than other dealings.

But thats not why they went into IRAQ.
there for it shouldnt be a reason for staying there now.

And if they wanted to go after him because he murdered so many of his people.. why have they not caught osama for killing thousands of your OWN People? surely that doesnt make sense?

Saddam was a bad bad man, but he had control of the country and no one dared cause conflict in his area. which is what being a ruler/king is all about. the US had no right what so ever to remove him from power.
especially on trumped up charges of WMD's which turned out to be lies.

I think we will have to disagree to agree maet, because I dont want this thread to die in the same ol battle of iraq right or wrong.

and I didnt complain I got the same warning as well, the ATS Mods are cracking down on that sort of behaviour which i think is a stupid move. because it is going to KILL the spicey debate this site was known for.
we both had a weak pot shot at each other, and it DIDNT offend either of us, it just drew us more and more into the debate. I find it to be a suicidal move that they are now penalising people for getting pasionate about a topic they believe in.

Again, if people start swearing and REALLY abusing each other fair enough, deal with them.. but when people say weak comments at each other, if someone gets offended by such small time pot shots, they shouldnt be debating.

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 09:01 AM
the fact still remains al qedia would not pull the, "we have nukes inside your country so pull out of iraq now" unless they actually have nukes, which they dont.

Bush would never give in to that demand, which is why he drafted the nuclear reponse to terrorism. Then if al qeida didnt end up setting off the nukes(do to the fact there are none), how would that look to their followers? it would be a blow to their stature as many followers want to see that mushroom cloud over a city.

Yes it would cause mass histeria, but in the end, bush wont give in, Nukes will not go off, terrorist bastards who did not already know there were no nukes in the country would loose faith as nothing happened.

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 05:25 PM

Originally posted by Agit8dChop
For the First time ever today, on Perth's local radio station, the news reported actualy spoke of the US governments conspiracy, and that NO plane hit the pentagon, and it was setup by the government.

[edit on 8-9-2005 by Agit8dChop]

IF I told you I was standing about 3 blocks from the Pentagon and watched a huge jumbo jet flying at about 300 feet off the ground in restricted airspace fly overhead and slam into the Pentagon creating the feeling of a 20 magnitude earthquake....would you still stay such things?
Would you tell me that my eyes were wrong and some idiot on the news or TV was right who wasn't even anywhere near the Pentagon when this happened? Some of the crap people believe amazes me beyond belief. And yes there are no such thing as terrorists or the boogeyman they are all made up.

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 06:03 PM
A couple days ago saddams followers pulled 70 civilians from their homes and executed them in the town square in the dead of night. If we pulled out from iraq entirely we're just going to leave them hanging without military support and eventually rebels will regain control of iraq, how do i know this, we did it 15 years ago. One thing i do think is that we should pull back a majority of our force and leave behind a smaller force behind, why the president hasnt done that, i dont know but he should due to the fact that its costing us money to stay over there, thats one complaint i have agianst the president

It seems to me that the only fanaticals in iraq are saddams followers. Maybe the reason that osama is still out there is because we made a mistake.the war started when paratroopers jumped into afghanistan. what we should have done is sent in a large force and surrounded him, instead he got away from our paratroopers. but we learned, thats why we got saddam, why we havent gotten osama i dont know, maybe the cia did screw up.

so if youre wondering where i stand in the war in iraq, think of me as a supporter of a small occupation force and an anti-invasion force

with that i will submit to your request and not post a pro or anti iraq post agian

[edit on 16-9-2005 by Danie]

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 03:28 AM
wouldnt that work in the terrorists favour though?
the mass panic and histeria that would follow there broadcast would disrupt the world. not just america
and even if it turned out to be a bluff.. wouldnt you then think alqaeda was obviously finished. they are resorting to empty threats? but then isnt that under estimating them, again giving them the advantage of surprise when they do decide to strike.

I view alqaeda s being a system where its followers dont know anything. they are told to do this do that and one day we will contact you.

There followers may want to see that mushroom cloud. but they arent going to give up on there jihad just over an empty threat..
I dont think its about losing faith... there in this , regardless of wether it costs them ther elives or what ever.. they dont just wake up and decide ive lost faith in my jihad ill revert to a straight arrow life..

strik if you told me that, you saw a plane physically SLAM into the pentagon maybe you can help us figure out why there's no plane there?
orr why that secuirity video show's something which obviously ISNT a BOEING plane......

I dont listen to what people say I make up my own mind with the evidence i am presented.

And I dont see ANY evidence in the case of the closed.
the conflicting reports at the time of it happened.. all the odd happenings its all a load of BS..

If someone told me they sat there and watched a boeing slam into the pentagon.. not a boeing fly over htere hads over a hill... then 10seconds later they saw smoke rise up over the distance.. but if someone physcially sa there and watched that plane slam into that wall... well id be stuck. I wouldnt want to disrespect them and tell them i think there full of it..
then again i wouldnt want to lie and say hey becuase u saw it.. it must of happened.

I didnt see it. I wasnt there.
But from every logical standpoint I find it impossible to see how a boeing just vanished when it crashed.
Its theoretically IMPOSSIBLE!

Dannie, I agree pulling troops out now is a mistake and will onyl make matters MUCH MUCH worse.

and im glad ur seeing it as a mistake that they DIDNT get osama straight away..

but I mean, the most powerful government on the planet.. thats a pretty big monumental mistake to just... over look?
Hey this guy flew plans into buildings, killed thousands... ohhh damn we forgot to go pick him up... we'd better focus on the leader of another country.. that'll fix the problem.

again it doesnt work.
Because OSAMA is still out there.
Iraq is getting worse by the day
the international community is starting to wake up and realise the curroption of the current government.

Its driving the whole world to conflict.
... all becuase they made a mistake.

I dont think they made a mistake.. i think they did everything they INTENDED to dooo.. they just wanted it to look like a small petty error.

I mean.. if Zarqawi was alive and was a REAL figure.. why would he all of a sudden turn on the iraqi people and declare all out war?.. he wants them on his side... not on the americans side.
sure he is targetting s h i t e's... but why would iraqi's let a foreigner.. a terrorist come into there factions and start murdering OTHER fellow iraqi's.. start destroying there buildings?... Would England let Australia come into its area and start bombing the hell outta the Irish?

As is mentioned in another post, zarqawi is the perfect idea for the americans.
Someone who will never get caught, never get killed but provides enough reason for the American's to stick it out in Iraq.
My thoughts?...

Zarqawi went quiet a month ago.. he just dissapeared from Radar..
The IRAQI PM started saying US troops can leave, they have enough soilders there's a lull in violence.. The Americans were realising there futurep plans what ever they are in the middleeast depends on the troops ALREADY being there. I
I personally think something was planned to happen in America.
Another supposid terrorist attack.. but something went wrong.. it got called off... or postponed. Maybe that high ranking military official that was stood down cottoned on..?
maybe the hurricane diverted the small amount of emergency services the US has left?..

so bush realised he needed another reason to convince hte public that the US needs to remain in iraq just a little bit longer..

there stalling in IRAQ ... and it cant become to obvious so they brought back zarqawi to cause some voilence.

[edit on 17-9-2005 by Agit8dChop]

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