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Hurricane in New Orleans in 1920

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 09:49 PM
I was having a conversation the other day and I was told that in the 1920's (not sure what year) New Orleans was hit hard by a big hurricane, they knew it was coming and since new orleans was a major banking area of the U.S. all of the bankers got together and diverted the water to flood other parts (poorer) of Lousiana.

If they could do this in 1920, Why didnt they do it this time around. We've already seen huge rate hikes in Gasoline, and other petroleum products like platics. Now steel is going though the roof as well because something like 70% of steel is produced or shipped from New Orleans to other places in the U.S.

Seems like an orchestrated conspiracy to me by big business to price gouge. For those of you who live in CA remember all that BS with Enron a few years back.

Your thoughts?

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