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Fox's Eerie "Oil Storm"

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 01:03 PM
oil storm article from before the storm.
search engine trends on 'oil storm'

so, once again, as part and parcel of 'the open conspiracy', mainstream media has shown us as fiction what the shadow government is in fact perpetrating on the public.
anyone who has seen the "lone gunman" PILOT episode? you can find info about it here.

i haven't seen "oil storm" but merely from the synopsis, it is easy to see that the parallels are astounding.
i'm going to give up on people if they don't start waking up in droves, soon.
this new orleans thing might be the perfect 'brainwash'. how much 'incompetency' can the cabal sell? A LOT!!!!! and like, people get FIRED for incompetency. how come this government is immune to reprisals? the deck is marked and loaded with a few extra aces up the sleeve, that's why.
the pinks and norms think that there is some kind of seperation between media, government, military, big business/industry, and religion, when in FACT(discovered by for those with "too much time on their hands), there is a "secret" cabal which is producing 'truth' and manipulating 'reality' with their 'informational totalitarianism'.
maybe you can see it on fox next year. maybe they'll do 'animal farm', or '1984', or 'brave new world'. maybe they'll show 'minority report', and 'total recall', and 'eyes wide shut', and 'the skulls', and 'the truman show'. of course, there are tons more of these 'fiction' flicks that could be added here, but i'm sure you can think of your own examples. there was that flick that 'knew too much' with julia roberts about a 911-type inside job. three days of the condor. etc, etc.

shadow gov. disinfo poster says, "it's just a coincidence." [and then, in a subliminal fast whisper]"catcher in the rye".

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