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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 12:23 PM
So this idea came to me last night. Revenge. I think alot of us fear it. The whole evil begets evil thing.

So I tied this in with the US. I am not a war historian so correct me if I am wrong, but how many countries have we invaded, had war with or harmed? I will list as many as I can.


That is all I am aware of or can remember. So what is stopping any of these or all of these countries from taking revenge. Doesnt seem like any of them ever did? Kinda curious I thought.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 01:34 PM
Germany: Desolated after WWI despite Woodrow Wilson's pleas with Europe not to economically destroy what had already been destroyed by war. WWII the US led the rebuilding effort helping Germany become the industrial powerhouse it once again is.

Japan: Aided greatly after the war to rebuild damage created and to help them modernize their nation. Covered all defense costs for them, as well, so they could become an economic powerhouse dominating the world's electronics market.

Vietnam: Not sure...

Korea: Korea is an interesting one. The South Koreans were saved from becoming just like North Korea is today by our attempt to repel a coup. Currently our defenses on top of the South Korean defenses are the only reason North Korea hasn't invaded in full force. As to North Korea, they are trying.

Iraq: Time will tell on this one, but if it does get rebuilt and becomes a beacon of freedom and economy in the middle east, it would probably be Iraq's neighbors that we would have to worry about. If the whole effort falls apart and we end up having to pull out like we did in 'Nam or the Iraqis never take over their own government, we'll have plenty of time before they can stabilize and become a threat.

Cuba:We invaded Cuba in the 1800s, and did so to oust Spanish rule in the nation. The war in Cuba was largely with the Spanish, not the Cubans, and was to liberate them, which we did. We pulled out of Cuba after the Spanish were out.

Russia: No invasion, but it sure seems like there is still some major animosity between Russia and the US

Afghanistan: See Iraq.

Kuwait: We liberated them from rule under Saddam. Granted, we now have a military base there so we could pull out of Saudi Arabia, they invited us to. There was a very real and very constant threat from Saddam, whose oil was boycotted by much of the world. Kuwaiti oil makes up a lot of export, so if Saddam could control those oil fields as well as his own, the world may have to capitulate to his demands and lift sanctions. Kuwait, by the way, led the world in offering aid in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, giving us $500 million in oil and aid.

Somalia: No reason, our behavior there was atrocious. Much like Vietnam, we came in, made a bunch of promises, and pulled out as soon as we got a bloody nose. Probably the most stunning battle victory in the United States' history was turned to a loss through political action, much like in Vietnam.

It's also interesting to note that Germany and Japan started the war that led to their invasion. Their angst at our behavior would be like the schoolyard bully punching you, you punch back, and now he needs revenge. Sadly, this does happen, but thankfully it doesn't appear to have happened in these two cases.

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 07:45 AM
I forgot England.


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