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Actress Jane Fonda know for her anti war views during Vietnam war cancels the anti war tour.

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 11:17 AM

Jane Fonda told me yesterday she's scrapped plans for anti-war bus trip next March. As well, Fonda will be making only two appearances this month on another rally with controversial British politician George Galloway, not the eight that were widely misreported in the press yesterday.

Why the change of plans? Certainly, Fonda is still very much against the war in Iraq and in favor of helping our troops there. But she said that she didn't want to distract people from Cindy Sheehan's bus trip, already under way and gathering support.

Sheehan, who camped out in front of President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch last month, is now on her way to scheduled appearances around the country.

is she really canceling it just because not to take the spotlight off of Cindy or is she embarassed by the bad movie reviews that didnt earn enough money to make a profit. tsk tsk poor Fonda.

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