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The Aristocrats

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 10:22 AM
No not the disney movie that one that just came out.

It's about an inside joke within the comedien world, and everytime they hear the joke told to them they have to go to someone else and try and make the joke more grotesque and outrageous.

Like having sex with a child or your dog, throwing up all over the floor then having sexual relations within the puke. That kind of thing.

I'd have to say Bob Saget's version of the aristocrats was the best... He was the most creative and fast thinker out of all of them. Plus it was funny when he said to send a copy of what he said to the kids on full house


I wouldn't watch it again as the whole movie is about sucking and fking, inbreeding, and all the other vile things a person can come up with.


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