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33.33 alignment to Mars?

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 09:22 AM

Yesterday I spent alot of time reading old threads and numerous debates on Freemasons. I came across a site stating the caping of a pyramid in Cario Egypt for year 2000 was halted due to freemason beliefs.

I also read that Freemason's once belived that in year 2000 at 12 midnight or 12:19 which was actual stated the planet mars would be in alignment of the pyramid at 33.33 degrees.

Furthur searches gave little real hard facts so here are a few questions:

Is there any actual book/s in Freemasonary that states the so called alignment to mars @ 33.33 degrees on year 2000 or other?

Next is there a way to look up if in fact that mars was at that alignment at that date or at any date with Egypt?

Is there any other litature stating the belief that gold capping the pyramid will cause 1)Second coming of Christ 2) Start a sort of mystical machine that will bring back the Devil? As I have read both refrences. I belive psychic Edward Cayce in the 40s predicted second coming of Christ with refrence to the Pyramid.

Also I understand the numerous debates on the dollar having to Mason related symbols however with the above mentioned about caping an obliesk it seems as what that is going on with the back of a dollar? And the reason of research it seemed to make some sense of what some may have belived if the eye repersents God hence caping etc.

Next up another dollar question I remember seeing the spider on the front upper right corner of the dollar since I was in grade school. I also read a current Mason's photo blog which tends to have picture refrences to spiders and before I saw that whole dollar spider thing online I felt he was making these spiders symbolic in the photos.

Also continued question on Symbols does anyone know of any Mason refrences on Windows,Blue Skys,Clouds?

Can anyone also tell me if "The Law of Fives" had any relation to Freemasons? Some basic refrences found:
The main relation I have found was 23 the number of Illuminati
Any idea the reason?

I guess one last question is I have seen numerous websites stating so many people in current government are Freemasons yet have only been able to confirm Clinton as a youth and Cheney on a now defunct NY Mason's site.
Also with one stable source very little to be mentioned of current Gov:

Sorry so many questions but the above I have been not finding any real info and terrible help from the Freemason hate msg boards :Z

Thanks again.

EDIT: (added info found in research) Not ground breaking info on how shadow governments run the world but very interesting facts of original secrets of masonary.

Centre for Research into Freemasonry

'The Devil's Freemason': Richard Carlile and his Manual of Freemasonry. (See page 3 paragraph 6)
"The mystery as follows: 'Masonary is derived and is the remains of the religon of the ancient Druids; who like the magi of Persia and the priests of Heliopolis in Egypt, were priests of the Sun."

Magi of Persia


Sun Worship

Ben Ben Stone:

See Also interesting but maybe not direct relation:


The Nag Hammadi library codices

Fun Fact:
Alan Moore, acclaimed writer of From Hell, Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, converted to Gnosticism in the late 1990s. His work, like that of the Gnostics, demonstrates a keen interest with the often-ambivalent relationship between subject and reality, consciousness (especially altered and enlightened states of consciousness) and revolt against constrictive systems of control. In Watchmen, one character who hatches a monstrous plot to save the world might be said to be subscribe to Gnosticism much as Voegelin describes the phenomenon.
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