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White People Stayed Too!!!

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 07:04 AM
On the radio there have been tons of interviews with people who have now made it to other states including where I live in Michigan. A hotel 10 minutes from where I live took in 12 families and gave them a free hotel room and is assisting these families with child enrollment in school.

Yesterday their were interviews with 3 white families that packed up, got in the car, and headed for higher ground. While sitting in traffic realizing that if they stayed they would run out of gas and be stuck out in the open during the hurricane, turned around and headed back home thinking it would be safer. It probably was. There were quite a few black families that had a similar story. If you look at the pictures and video of the devastation there are quite a few cars that are buried in water, mud, and sewage. The road system could not handle an evacuation that quickly.

There were also interviews of people from a town called Diamond Head, LA. Diamond Head was an affluent and predominantly white neighborhood. These people had every opportunity to leave. Many had private planes as there was a small airport in the town. Many stayed here too. The entire town was obliterated. Very few survivors of those who stayed.

New Orleans is predominantly black and is the focus of the media attention so that is why they are showing all the black people looting. However, the media has failed to focus on the suburbs. In the suburbs there is just as much looting from white folks getting food and supplies. It is just no one cares about it out there.

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