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US Presidents and UFO's

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 06:52 PM
I recently watched a documentary called, UFO's and the Whitehouse which I though was pretty interesting so thought I'd do a brief summary of what the Documentary was about and add a few of my own thoughts. IMO the President of the US does not have full reign over the various different departments of the Government especially the ones apparently involved with the UFO phenomenon. Since 1939 every US President has had to deal with the subject of UFO's to one extent or another!

President Roosevelt 1933-1945: In 1942 The famous Los Angeles lights, where up to 15 unidentified flying objects were seen above Los Angeles, taking shell fire from US troops to this day the objects are unexplained maybe the first time the US government became aware of the possibility of ET's in there skies.

President Truman 1945-1953: The Roswell Incident maybe the first time a President has had to deal with the subject of UFO's on a public level. He appointed General Robert Landrey as his Airforce aid to the CIA to brief the President personally on the UFO phenomenon every 3 months over approximately a 4 year period. In July 1952 there were mass sitings over Washington seen by the general public and military personel which made the front cover of the New York Times. In an interview with the press he was asked by a reporter,

Q. 'Did the joint chiefs of staff talk to you or concern you over the unknown or unidentified flying objects?'

A. 'Oh yes we discussed it with every confidence that we have with the military an they never had been or never were able to give me a concrete report on the subject!

Q. 'Do you have anything on the subject sir'

A. 'No I haven't anything on the subject an theres always things like that goin on flying saucers and er we've had other things you know!'

President Eisenhower 1953-1961: The first US President to apparently admit to having had a UFO sighting although not publicly. While off the British coast on board a ship in 1952 a light blue object was apparently seen by him and the Admiral of the vessel flying off the side of the ship for approximately 10 minutes.

President Kennedy 1961-1963: Another apparent sighting by a US President apparently while sailing off Cape Cod a 60 ft metallic object was observed by him and all others on board although there is no evidence to back up this story!

President Johnson 1963-1969: Before his succession of Kennedy he was Vice President and In 1961 he responded to a letter from a UFologist asking about the UFO phenomenon by suggesting that maybe he would have more luck in his quest by contacting NASA instead of the Military on the subject.

The US military apparently investigated a crashed UFO just outside Texburg Pensylvania On December 9th 1969 NASA and the Airforce were involved in the recovery of the craft. The next day a major meeting took place at the Presidential ranch between the President, The Governer of state of Pensylvania, James Webb The head of NASA at the time and all the Joint Chiefs of Staff there are photo's and video to prove this.

President Nixon 1969-1974: Apparently had a big personal interest in UFO's and there is good indication that he wanted to go public with information on the subject. Bob Emenegger who was a University friend of the Chief of Staff for Nixon, Bob Holderman, was a TV producer who was asked to produce a program called 'UFO's past present and future' by the Republican party using only government staff. The program was researched at Norton Airforce Bases film archives. Apparently footage of a landing by a UFO at Holloman Airforce Base was supposedly taken which was set to be part of the nationally broadcast documentary the film never materialised but several high ranking military personel admitted that they had seen the footage or hinted at it's existence!

President Ford 1974-1977: In the mid to late 1960's during his time as a Congressman he called for Congress to investigate a number of sightings over Southern Michigan and other parts of the country. In 1966 The House Armed Services Commitee conducted an Investigation into UFO's the investigation concluded that the Government was not hiding anything about UFO's and everything they knew was public knowledge.

His advisors while in office included Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush Senior was also the head of the CIA at the time all people who he apparently thought understood the threat UFO's could pose to national security of the US.

After his time as President in answering a letter from a former Airforce officer who was researching UFO's he apparently admitted that throughout his political career he had requested information on UFO's the official authorities always denied any allegations about UFO's.

President Carter 1977-!981: The first President to publicly admit to having had a sighting of a UFO in Oct 1969, he openly talked about his sighting and went on the record several times. He promised while campaigning for office to try and release any information on the UFO subject. Apparently President Carter asked the then head of the CIA George Bush for information on UFO's and was told that it was a need to know basis and the Presidents curiosity was not sufficient need to know. Carter did release UFO documents under the freedom of information act during his time as President of the thousands of documents released over the past 30 years over half were released in the period Carter was in office.

President Reagan 1981-1989: President Reagan apparently had 2 UFO encounters before his time as President and often used references to UFO's in his speeches

President G.H.Bush 1989-1993: As the former head of the CIA and Vice President to Reagan there is very little information linking Bush to UFO's which IMO seems a little strange considering the positions that he has held!

President Clinton 1994-2001: Another President who openly admitted his interest in UFO's and had many UFO documents released under the freedom of information act. In one famous speech In Northern Ireland he answered a question from a letter he had been sent by a young boy which obviously questioned the roswell incident he answered by saying ' If the US Airforce did recover bodies they didn't tell me about it either and I wanna know'

President G.W.Bush 2001-Present: Not much is known about President Bush's knowledge of UFO's although his Administration includes the main people who apparently do i.e Dick Cheney, who in a radio interview was questioned on wether he had ever been briefed on the subject of UFO's his answer I think is pretty interesting.

Q: Since a statement made by George Bush last July theres been a vicious rumour circulating among the UFO community that you have been read into the UFO program. My question to you is have you in any of your Government jobs have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFO's and if you have when was it and what were you told?

A: Well if I had been briefed on that I'm sure it would probably be classified and I wouldnt be able to talk about it!

posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 06:57 PM
I watched that UFO Files episode on the History Channel too. Interesting, and it shows that many Presidents were interested in the UFO issue but were denied access. I think George Bush Sr and Dick Cheney are really the only few who know anything major. The rest are in the dark. They're the UFO info keepers...

I imagine Clinton talking to Bush Sr when they meet for disaster relief and saying something like "C'mon Bush, tell me about UFOs." and Bush Sr saying "No Clinton, and don't ever ask me that ever again..."

"I know some. I know a fair amount." George Bush replying in 1988 to a question about UFOs while campaigning to become President.

"I am very careful in public life about dealing with classified information." Bush in 1988 debate with Dukakis

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