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Wondering: UFO Lights

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 01:58 PM
Why do so many UFOs have lights around them?

I'm wondering ... WHY do UFOs have light? Why do they have lights around them? Might it be the same reason our aircraft and cars have lights? For control, guidance, and security?

A car has lights to help other cars know where it's going to go (left,right...) or when it's going to stop. It also helps at night to see what's on the road. Police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks have sirens and special coloured lights as a sign that they are different, that they are part of an organization, and to let them pass.

But why do so many UFOs have light? I mean, not all of them do ... there are many cases of disc UFOs that have absolutely no luminous glowing or colorful lights around them ... but at night, the captured UFOs are mostly illuminated by some sort of light or lights ... Why?

Do they fear that our planes will crash into them? Do they want to be recognized? What is it with their lights? If they didn't want to alarm us or make us aware of their presence, can't they just turn 'off' the lights? That way no one ever knows a craft was there (since most of them make no sound.)

Some say they want to conceal themselves and some say they even have cloaking technology, but why bother with all that if they always put up a lightshow for UFO sighters and completely random people to see?

Well, I thought of this a while back and I just posted it to see what you guys and gals have to comment about this. Later.

posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 02:54 PM
Very intresting question there Zeta,

Personaly I don't think any of the lights are for guidence,Observation,e.c.t

I beleive they are a byproduct/Effect of the propultion In one form or another,
Energy outlets? Whatever.

I have made reference to this a few weeks ago on here. However very discreatly as not to be ridiculed, as I Never had my camcorder charged up.

but I witnessed 2 Spaceships(yes spaceships) clear as a bell,In your face style. I still get goosebumps every time i recall it,

anyhow thes two ships lights were not flashing or bright it was a kind of dull glow over the entire ship, these lights or "orbs" are spotted often
as are the regular types,

I'd say most of the different U.F.O's spotted are of the same ships, but can be lit up differently, in terms of if the ship has some sort of shield activated(ORB type lights) or bright spot kinda lights for when the ships engines are on full or whatever, lol you know like they might have cruise control or somthing.

the three lights on the triangle type U.F.O's I'm not shure about,
of the top of my head I would say that as the lights are underneath the ship
theoes lights are somekind of advanced probing lights, like we have infered lights, thoes three lights may work like a Red,Green,Blue type of style

each light picks up a certain carictoristic of the ground and when crossrefrenced with each other can reveil all kinds of information back to the ship,like compasition, bio activity, diffrent energys that kinda stuff.

just a guess.

posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 03:14 PM
Let me throw this out there. Since we know nothing of the UFOs true agenda (That being official knowledge). I would suggest that the lights are there simply to gain your attention. Look, look everyone, see the UFO, in the air.

So, I would suggest the lights are used for disinformation and attention and may be part of the covert "Mission". But as stated many other UFOs have been seen without Attention getting Lights. And from my own experiance, these non light UFOs want nothing to do with anyone seeing them where they are, or what they are doing.

posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 03:51 PM
Before the public release of the F-117 and B2 in the 1990's there were many lights spotted on triangular shaped UFOs flying over the Nevada and other states. Read Area 51 Link The unique triangular ship and even overall flat appearance really had many people thinking they were photographing UFO's. Yes even secret military aircraft will fly navigation lights especialy within proximity to their airfields.

More and more unusual aircraft are being spotted. There are some very impressive UAV's in the works (now known as UAS). These UAS are being designed on an international level by various governments. So the US does not have some presumed lock down on advanced aerospace technologies. Some of these new designs can pull off incredable and unprecidented high G manuevers because they are smaller and pilotless. Some will have ingenious wing warping and movement features that will allow them to shift their shapes dynamicaly in flight. We talk about them and the technologies here on ATS. Unfortunately, the real impressive works may take another 10-20 years before they are disclosed publicly.


In the meantime people are open to interpret what they see. Just like they did with the F-117 and B2 tests. Then there will always be that picture that defies explanation.

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 06:31 PM
Nullster: So in the future, we might be seeing some more of these advanced UAS objects that are pilotless, therefore moving at rapid speeds?
That will become more of a solution to the UFO sightings for the military & government. They'll just say it's one of their own ... like they have already.

Of course, there will always be those objects that defy explanation and just God knows what the hell they are ...

As for the lights around alien spacecrafts / UFOs ... Many of them just move in a weird manner, as if using some kind of gravity propulsion or something ... they seem to have an impression of flying through the skies with a kind of "Point-&-Click" fashion ... Click, you're there.

But my question still remains unanswered, so many UFOs, so many lights on them ... red, blue, white, green lights ... many many more, but WHY?

Is there some sort of explanation for them? Are they a product of their technology (Like Trent suggested) or do they just need guiding lights?
And why would they want attention if infact they are alien spacecrafts?

Thank you for the replies, I expect more comments and questions on this. Feel free to post, later.

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 07:24 PM
For all we know, the lights could be just a way to gather attention, to make it easier to scope out a good specimen for examining. Or, they could just be, if these aliens are friendly, to remind us that "Hey! They're up there! And they're keeping us safe!". The truth is, there haven't been many conversations between homo sapiens and those we call the aliens of our time. Due to this, we cannot, and have no right to, make decisions as to their intentions. All we can do is speculate. Perhaps though, they are a method of communication? What we do know is that the government knows more about this species than the general public does, so, I speculate again, that they could be communicating with government contacts spread out throughout the world; transmitting data, reporting intelligence, etc. We do not know, but again, we can only speculate on their true intentions.

posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 11:24 PM
probably some kind of surface scan, xray, topo, geological data, all in one. Kinda like a fly by snap shot. I think they are probs that are sent out to gather intel on other planets that have life. Thats why they seem to be so obvious and unconcerned with us, they are unmanned aircraft, like a really really advanced autonomis sensor package. Kinda like spirit on mars or something, only 1000 years technology better.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 02:10 AM
There are many different kinds of UFOs... duh. I've seen two, both with the same type of camouflage, but only one with lights, one of them typically blurred (it looked like it was partly covered by the camouflaged so that's why I think it was blurred). However, I believe that they're trying to fit in with the background or pass as some kinda aircraft. I have a couple of high school friends that I completely trust that saw something that just twinkled something furiously. It was green, blue, red, yellow, white, just twinkled like a planes lights going out of control. It's my belief that it was trying to pass off as an aircrafts standard cautionary lights, but somehow, for some unknown reason the aliens basically suck at that (I'll just go ahead and assume it was them as humans can't attempt to do something like that and fail so bad).

The reason might be their crafts though. In order to make them light up in specific ways and perhaps have their camouflage activated at the same time, they have to sync the lights with the ship itself, making it hard to impossible to achieve the 'blink, 2-3 second wait, blink' type. Anyhow, as a couple of you guys said, they're probably looking to get some attention, but that would almost call for them to be alien, because if they were human we'd probably want to keep them unnoticed.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 01:36 PM
I think everything has a purpose and I think they might use their light the same way we do. The more lights a vehicle has the bigger and or heavier it is. If your at the sea in a small boat and see alot of red light getting closer to you, you better get out of the way as the aproaching ship most likely cannot turn or stop easily. It might be the same no matter what planet you're from.

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