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A Juice/Water Diet and Running?

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 10:55 AM
I just got a few books fromt the library on running. I wanted to get a few on liquid diets, but since I was in a hurry I just had time enought to glance over the diet section and I didn't find anything. At home and Google'd, but all I found were ads selling their system.

Now, I wanted to cleanse my body using a liquid diet and maybe shed a few pounds while I do so. I hear that it it a productive diet, since you are actually losing weight quickly and can see your results. Not seeing results is one of the reason most people quit their diets - so that webpage said. (Ihave to find the link.) But, the site also mentioned that usually, the pounds come back quickly! Most likely a person hasn't developed a healthy diet since they were strictly on juice and water.

Now that that's out of othe way. This is what I want to do. Get a juicer Jack Lalanne's Jucier, Walmart has it for half the price of the infomercials. I think I'll juice from brackfast to lunch, maybe snacking on veggies and fruits in the meantime. Then I'll eat a balanced dinner.

Also, I want to start running. My book starts me out walking for 30-45 mins every other day for two weeks to wake up my walking muscles. Then jogging/walking the next few weeks in different intervals untill I'm running the whole 30 minutes.

Ok, after reading that. Would that be healthy? My doctor already OK'ed me for the running part. I did forget to ask her about the liquid diet, though.

Edited to fix the link.

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