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Did the web get it right about Katrina?

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 10:45 AM

The article was posted in May 2005-

There is a program that does some type of language anlaysis of the web and makes predictions based upon the language. I don't understand it b/c I am not very techie. These are predictions for May-Sept


These are this dude's interpretation of the web language analysis

For what it is worth:

Economic Deterioration and Scandals which catch up more of the lies of the cabal into “the face” of the American people will kill the last remnants of credibility of the Imperial Faction for 4 out 7 people. This crisis will develop week by week beginning in July over at least a few months. Top level people resign, at least one will break down emotionally in public in final realization that the Globalist movement is now dead and that horrible mistakes have been made.

Possibly most impactful for millions of people is the description of severe flooding from a series of major hurricanes. This problem will become a major point of contention, it will become clear to Americans that the forces of the U.S. are stretched out far too thinly by the Imperial adventures and are unable to provide consistent professional relief. This will likely aggravate the national loss of confidence and will stimulate a loud wave of rancorous ridicule of the Bush White House.


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