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ATS Weekly: Edition 008: Coming Soon, ATS TV.

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 07:21 PM
Ooh yeah.. I bags being part of the aussie contigent of reporters/writers.

that is fantastic news..... go ATS... you can do it

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 07:21 PM
Just a suggestion for an idea for the show, I think you should get members involved in the show, and you can do this easily by using research topics. There you can get members involved in the show, and letting them help out by researching and compiling the information on the site, and letting it be shipped off onto the tv show.

posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 07:48 PM
Very cool!

I hope it's something like they take a popular thread from here and turn it into an hour-long show, a la "X-Files".

Carter did leave a bit of a void when he took X-Files off the air.

Maybe we'll see Gillian Anderson in it!

posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 07:55 PM
If we could make it like the X-Files I'd probably faint out of sheer joy and excitement. That would be so awesome if it were like the X-Files, or if ATSNN had it's own thirty minute news cast.

With ATS TV I might just have to plug my television back in. And who says ATS wouldn't invade the "real world" some day. Heck we might just become "cool".

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 11:29 PM
This really is pretty awesome, though like some people, I am a bit reserved about what ATS could become as opposed to what it is today. That could be real good, or could be not-so-good, but if anyone can keep it all together nicely and make the right choices, it's Simon, SO, Springer, and the rest of the ATS staff.

You can count me in to help with any music needs.
I have lots of instrumental stuff suitable for background stuff for the videos. Might be kinda nice using member-submitted music? In addition, with a whole recording studio at my disposal, I can write music and tracks for specialty video pieces. Just give an mpeg or avi and I can compose custom stuff and drop it in or submit high quality audio timed out nicely for drops and stuff.... Just a thought.

This ought to be fun, though, at the very least. I can just see it now: The ATS boxing show, coming to you live from Manhattan.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 12:50 AM
Wow, this is VERY interesting. I get the impression from Springer's blurb that it will be fiction rather than documentary. I would prefer to see ATS produce documentaries on conspiracies, in line with expanding what ATS already is, but a fictional TV series could be fun too.

Just as long as it's not a soapie...

"Like sands in the hourglass...these are the days of our paranoid lives."

XFilesMan63: "Area_51_Grrl, come and look at this! It's a video that blows the JFK assassination wide open!"

Area_51_Grrl: "That's nice, but I have more important news, XFilesMan63."

XFilesMan63: "What could be more important than the truth of the JFK assassination, Area_51_Grrl?!"

Close-up on Area_51_Grrl "I'm...pregnant!" (cries)

XFilesMan63: (confused) "But, that's wonderful!"

Area_51_Grrl: "No, you don't understand! It''s...Illuminati322's baby!"
Cue dramatic music
Area_51_Grrl runs off stage left sobbing

XFilesMan63: (shrugs, goes back to computer) "...Ha! Zapruder my big, hairy butt..."

Cue closing music

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 02:23 AM

Okay, yeah, this is big.

The use of professional production talent gives this some serious star potential.

Major, major kudos to Springer for kicking it up to a whole new level.

And here my head's still spinning (and my mouth still moving) from podcasts.

It just keeps getting better.

"Mr. Simon Gray to Make-Up, Mr. Simon Gray to Make-Up..."

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by Vegemite
Holy Schnikes!
If this happens then itll be the first website to transfer onto tv. We will be famous in being the pioneers of website related television

actually, i believe that the black vault an older (correct me if im wrong btw) than ATS conspiracy site already has its own series, or that it is in the process of filming. from what i have seen, it also has its own radio network. it started up by some guy in the states requesting declassified documents with the help of the freedom of informations act or whatever, and posting them directly online.

my opinion on the matter is that the show be somewhat of a news based conspiracy show, with reporters who actually may even be able to go out into the field. also, maybe daily sections which mention discussions and even comments from some of the members on this site. you can imagine where else you could take the idea. overall, it will either make ATS, or perhaps even break it, or should i say, set it's limit as to how far it can expand in the media. sometimes things on the internet are best left on the internet, ya know what i mean?

but besides all that, good luck, as we are all looking forward to the exciting news.


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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 04:17 AM
springer, skepticoverlord and simon major kudos to you 3 never imagined this would happen

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 08:58 AM
Ooohh.....can we get David Dachovny (sp?) to play me?

Seriously, I hope all this works out, sounds cool..
Utterly amazing....

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 09:22 AM
I hope you guys didn't sell the license to ATSTV cuz that could serously be used by us for member created content. Apple is gonna be releasing their iFlicks software soon, and the rumor is it's gonna be like Itunes

I'm thinking that a good title would be oh umm "The Chronicles of John Titor" or "The Infiltration of Area 51" or something other type of fiction based on board events.

Of course I could be totally wrong, but we'll see heh.

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 10:06 AM
A script is being written and nobody called me for assistance?

No, that can't be.

My secretary must have forgotten to give me the message, right?

I'm going to go find something to beat her with, in the meantime, have your people call ME (screw my people, they've already proven their worth, or lack thereof) and we'll do lunch babe. Chow.

You can't tell us the house that's working on it?

I'd love to flood their offices with spec scripts, fruit baskets, and strip-o-grams.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 12:02 PM
I would imagine it would be more a documentry style program, maybe similar to 'Conspiracies' and such like.
That's what I assumed anyway, I didn't think it would be likely to be a fictional work based on the board - though I may be wrong.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 04:14 PM
OMG I can SO see this allready!

The show opens on a computor screen......and we see the ATS logo and the threads........and ONE thread gets bigger and fills the screen.
We start to read the post witha voice over speaking like it IS the post writer......and the computor screen is replaced by VISUAL of real life with the continued voice over.....and we are swept INTO the story........

All through the story we jump back to the thread and we SEE the replying posters faces and hear theyre voices...sometimes in agreement, sometimes not.
We actually get to KNOW the people behind the nicknames as we see how they think and reply......and watch HOW ATS effects theyre lives, and how ATS helps them to unburden secrets they know about! We get to know the MODERATORS and ADMIN from the working insides of ATS.....We get to see chatroom discussions and plans being made to discover the TRUTH!

wow the possibilities are SO VAST for this idea!!!

Each episode it DIFFERANT...sometimes its a GHOST story...other times it is POLITICAL week its a top world news event, the next its an abduction scenario, then another week its a writting or art competition and we get to SEE people working on theyre entries, and the judges taking notes..........Differant episodes from ALL OVER the entire Globe showing how ALIKE all humans are no matter the Launguage or Country.

(can ya TELL I have read more than a few scripts in my day????)

I just layed out and entire CONCEPT for a whole series...people keep saying like the Xfiles....but I am seeing more of a twilight zone show, because of the MANY MANY differant posters and contributers........Xfiles focused on 2 main charectors and ATS does NOT work that way.....there are SO MANY of us all together here.........working and collaborating together.......

MAN THIS WHOLE IDEA JUST ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Springer your a friggen GENIOUS................this could be a huge hit!

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 04:44 PM
Wow... I'm speechless! I remember back when ATS only had a few hundred members... and now a tv show?? That's flippen awesome!

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 07:50 PM
Everybody Loves Simon
A SkeptiLu® Production

(Shots of various “conspiracy and aliens” stills are flashed behind the credits as the self-referential ATS-TV theme, written and performed on piano by Randy Newman, leads us in as the live audience sings along...)

“This is the AboveTopSecret Show
AboveTopSecret Show
Springer called me up and asked if I would write a theme song
It's got all kinds of things
Like aliens, chuds and chupas
This is theme of the AboveTopSecret Show!”

Announcer: The AboveTopSecret Show is filmed in front of a live audience augmented by laugh tracks and mind control rays.

(The lights come up on a darkened room crammed with computers and ATS-esque memorabilia, from UFO posters to alien dolls to a stuffed Bigfoot. Against the back wall is the obligatory staircase down which the stars make their entrances, while other doors placed strategically around the set are used for “signature” appearances and guests.)

(The crowd breaks into cheers and wild applause as SO walks down the stairs, dressed in his trademark tights, cape and mask -- and latex muscles. He stops halfway down and shoots the crowd a twin “toy gun salute” with his fingers.)

SkepticOverlord: Who's your skeptic?

Crowd: YOU ARE!

SkepticOverlord: (Blows the “smoke” out of his “guns”.) Damn straight.

(Cheers and hoots as SO walks to the bottom of the stairs and looks from side to side.)

SkepticOverlord: Sprinnnnn-GER! I'm hoooooome!

(Springer pops his head up and quickly slams shut the door of a large safe as the crowd laughs and applauds.)

Springer: Oh, hi Skeptic!

SkepticOverlord: (Bobs head trying to see what Springer was doing.) What was that?

Springer: Oh nothing, just counting our incredibly lucrative ad revenues. (Crowd chuckles.) How did it go?

SkepticOverlord: Same old, same old. The judge ruled in our favor and has to stop hustling cryptozoological porn on their look-alike website. (Looks around.) Where's Thomas?

(TC peeks out from behind a large monitor wearing a Judge Dredd helmet as the crowd goes “Woof woof woof!”)

Thomas Crowne: Right here, boss!

SkepticOverlord: And Zedd?

(On cue, Zedd bursts through a side door dressed in a NYPD uniform and leveling a customized Glock 18 with 33-round magazine and laser sight at the audience as they shout “Bad boys bad boys!”)

ZeddicusZulZorander: Right here, chief! (Reaches into the doorway, grabs and holds up a steaming pot of black coffee.) Just needed to make a supply run. Thomas was getting edgy.

SkepticOverlord: (Looks at TC.) Speaking of which, how's the catheter working out?

Thomas Crowne: (Shifts in his seat.) Not bad, not bad. I've been on station for 16 hours straight and haven't had to leave my seat. Tell FredT thanks for me, will you?

ZeddicusZulZorander: (Nods as he sets the coffee pot down in front of TC and takes a seat at a computer.) Sure thing. So what's the p-troll count up to?

Thomas Crowne: (Drinks directly from the coffee pot as if it were a cup.) Not bad, not bad. I bagged three of 'em while you were gone. That's seventeen this shift.

ZeddicusZulZorander: (Indignant.) No fair! You got five of those while I was getting you coffee. Catheter or not, next time you get the coffee.

Thomas Crowne: (Chuckles.) Yeah, sure Zedd. (Points at Zedd's monitor.) A present for you.

ZeddicusZulZorander: (Gasps.) What? You saved those three trolls for me? (Near tears.) You... you shouldn't have. (Crowd goes “awwww”.)

(Suddenly sirens, blue strobe lights and a fog generator kick in as the crowd goes wild.)

Announcer: Who's ready to DENY IGNORANCE?

Crowd: We are!

Announcer: What's that? I caaaaaaaan't heeeeeeeeear youuuuuuuuu!

Crowd: WE ARE!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the one, the only: Sultan of Secrecy, Master of Mystery, King of Conspiracy... Siiiimonnnnn Graaaaaayyyyyyy!

(The crowd goes wild as Simon makes his grand entrance in a CL55 and hops lightly out onto the stage wearing a dashing black suit and matching derby, his eyes hidden by impenetrable black sunglasses as he nonchalantly spins a black cane in his fingers. He casually tosses the cane and derby into the car to thunderous applause, then addresses the crowd with his calm, understated, impeccably patrician English accent.)

Simon: Right then. Are we ready to deny ignorance and all that? (The crowd screams with delight.) Splendid. Let's get to it straightaway.

(SkepticOverlord and Springer line up next to Simon and and they do the Three Amigos Salute as the crowd chants “Amigos! Amigos! Amigos!” They then gather around Zedd, who has his hand up.)

ZeddicusZulZorander: Guys, we have a Code Seven in BQ&B.

SkepticOverlord, Springer and Simon feign mock surprise and mouth the words in unison: A CODE SEVEN IN BQ&B?


SkepticOverlord: (While leaning over TC's shoulder.) Aw geez, not that guy again!

(SO straightens, then puts his hands on his hips and sighs while shaking his head dejectedly. Suddenly, he looks cheerfully into the camera.)

SkepticOverlord: What time is it boys and girls?


(SO reaches into a closet and pulls out a huge prop mallet almost as big as he is.)

SkepticOverlord: (To Zedd.) Send him in. (To camera.) Time for a little “talk.” (Winks.)

(An ATS member wearing a hat made of tinfoil is pushed through a door by stage hands. SO motions him over to the “Discussion Booth” and closes the door.)

SkepticOverlord: You know, if you're willing to just chill for a bit, we don't have to do this...

ATS Troll: (Indignantly beating his chest.) I know my rights! This is a clear violation of my Freedom of Speech! (The crowd goes “Ooooh.”)

SkepticOverlord: (Shakes his head as he raises the mallet over his head.) Don't worry, pal. Where you're going, there's all the free speech you'll ever want.

(SO swings the mallet down on a large plastic button, causing a spring platform to jettison the troll through a specially-designed chute in the roof.)

Crowd: BUH bye!

SkepticOverlord: (Sets down the mallet.) Well that was fun. Now, let's get to work on those ATS Neural Network cerebral implants we've been testing on the Councilors...


Oh yes, this should be a hoot.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 08:12 PM



posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 08:21 PM
The really rockin' thing about this is i'm going to be able to tell all the wanabees that i was posting on ATS long before it become a hit TV series. Heck, i've almost been here a year

I sure hope you've figured a way to grandfather us oldtimers in. I'd hate to be pushed out by the maddening crowd who'll come rushing to the door when this hits the airwaves.

Love and light,


posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 08:32 PM
Oh yes, thats going to be the best part. Being able to brag that I was an ATSer before it was cool. Now that will be sweet. And with the influx of newbs I might have a chance of getting into the mod lounge in a few years.

BTW Majic, that was the funniest post I've seen in a very long long time.

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 08:38 PM
wooo!! ya think well get vet. benefits? man ive been her a good while.

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