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The Unconscious Fascism of the Right

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 08:25 PM
The Unconscious Fascism of the Right in The Occupation of the
American Gulfcoast

Under the banner of altruism and utility the federal armed forces seize
control of the disaster ridden gulf coast. The populace has been dispersed to
prevent political involvement in the reconstruction process and the interests
of the corporate powers are protected to the detriment of the the
disenfranchised populace. All this is done with or without self-awareness by
a machine of exploitation which has become the core of the American economic
hierarchy. Ideas as irrational as the the warehousing of the newly homeless
on cruise ships where disease will be concentrated and communication
curtailed are not only being suggested, but actually implemented. An
administration of oppression has serendipitously created concentration camps
for the poor and robbed them of their few possesions and the opportunity to
involve themselves in the healing process of the home they love, all under the
guise of "relief". Not since Nazi Germany has a nation of international
regard perpetrated such an egregious violation of its founding principles and
the fundamental right to human dignity. I am heartbroken and for the moment
without any clear idea for response other than expatriation of my family and
organization of international opposition to a government gone insane.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 11:01 PM
I thought I would do an update for this story for those that care. It seems that the victims are alot smarter then our goverment thinks they are.

edit to fix link.

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 11:15 PM
Interesting nobody else is putting in thier thoughts.

I am not adding my 2 cents here cause I know damn well what happened in the 6 days after Katrina, and its not good for this post..

But i do believe this is a good post none the less.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 11:34 PM
I like how you've framed this particular rant.
The unconsious effects of a system that has spun out of control, while intending to remain belevolent are just as bad as if those effects were intended and malicious.

What we are facing today is the inevitable outcome of adhearance to a system that was never going to work in the firstplace. We've based our global ecconomy on debt, rather than production. The US 2 party system really is a sad joke when you take but a single step back (you have ultra conservitives vrs moderat conservitives, without a single liberal consept in sight).

The worst thing is that there is NO way to affect change... without getting nasty.

Then, just to make things lots of fun, young Americans are brought up to believe that they are better human beings simply because they happen to be American. The right of birth ensures that they never have to aspire to higher morals or to give a second thought to anything beyond their boarders, unless it represents a threat.
But you can't have your people being TOO proud.
You have to dose them with fear. Make them fear the ramifications of what would happen if the government wasn't there to make everything ok. The fact that the goverment DOESN'T make things ok, is beside the point.

I'd like to invite every single thinking American to come up north for a visit. Check your fear at the boarder and come up here to chill. Sure, we've got issues (mostly penny pinching government folk), but you don't have to worry about getting shot walking down even the worst streets. Enjoy some media coverage that downplays fear, telling people that they CAN survive and that they can make a differance. Check out how racial tentions are practically non-existant.
The beer kicks arse too!

Ahem, I digress, however.

The point is that we need to start thinking about options.


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