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Scam, or not a Scam?

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 01:26 PM
Our family recieved some type of scratch off ticket in the mail from

The scratch off ticket says: You could win 20,000 in cash, a new car, a vacation, a shopping spree or a 10 dollar gift card.

There are six boxes... "three like symbols is a guaranteed winner!!!"

We got three keys all in a row..... it seems a little fishy.

They have a toll- free hotline number which I called trying to get some info.

The degenerate on the phone copped an attitude and hung up on me when I started asking questions. I haven't been able to get through since. It went something like this.

Me: Hi. We recived one of your scratch off tickets. We have three like amounts.
Him: Yea, and?
Me: Well I was wondering if you really win something or if it was just an advertisement to get people to come to your store. I'm quite a ways from brooklyn and I don't want to come down there for nothing.
Him: Well you have to come down here to see what you won. Who are you talking to like that anyway? You can't talk to me like that.
Me: (now I'm pissed b/c I was polite on the phone) Listen. I'm not coming all the way down there for a gift certificate to Mcdonalds.
Him: Who are you? Who are you talking to like that? You can't talk to me like that. *click*
I immediately called answer.

This person obviously never graduated high school and is a f'in idiot.

I checked out the website and it is very poorly done and not very professional looking. There is no mention of any labor day sale or give-aways

They have a seperate number for the dealership, should I try them?

Or should I just forget it and chalk it up as a scam like my gut tells me it is?

I have to be there by 9pm tonight to get my mysterious "prize".

The scratch ticket also comes with an advertisement for a 3day labor weekend sale. (see what I mean?) There is also a "pre-authorized voucher" for $1500. "Voucher already included in $5995.00 prices and under."

I fear if I call again I'll get the same a-hole.... then I'm going to HAVE to go down there to personally ask him what his problem is.

The sale advertisement lists the odds of winning the prizes. It also states to check out for actual odds....but when you go there it's just a search site.

"Dealer not responsible for misdirected invintation or ticket."

Is anyone here from Brooklyn who can tell me if this place even exists?

The person who's actual name is on the ticket is the one that has to go down. This member of my family is sick and hasn't been able to get around too well...
I mean I have nothing else to do today and I wouldn't mind going just for the hell of it.
I refuse to bring a sick elderly lady all the way to Brooklyn to convince her that she hasn't really won anything. (even though she's been feeling a whole lot better since she thinks she has won a free car *chuckles*)

I dunno what to do. We don't even need the stupid car!!! And I think it's just a trick to get you to go there.

On the other hand...who wants to miss their chance to get a free cheap ass piece o' shhh preowned car.

So ATS.... scam, or no? Do you think they're legit?

Mod Edit: to remove address and url so we don't assist in advertising for this scam.

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 06:58 PM

Originally posted by _NsayN_

The scratch off ticket says: You could win 20,000 in cash, a new car, a vacation, a shopping spree or a 10 dollar gift card.

[edit on 5-9-2005 by kinglizard]

Surely everything you need to know in order to form your judgment is expressed above?

This isn't a scam, it's just useless marketing and customer relations.

Relatively few customers are unsophisticated enough to get sucked in by this kind of crud these days. Unless it's Readers Digest, the masters of this kind of crud, where someone does have to win the sweepstakes after all.

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