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who is billy meier

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 09:25 AM
i'm supprised to see some of the hatered directed toward billy meier is case alone as captured the interest of many people around the world, his predictions are facinating and some of the video's are technicly brilliant espesially the one that shows a beamship circleing a tree you can also see the tops of the branshes bending over by some sort of pressure amitted from the beamship, and yes i would agree that some of the photographs look a bit silly but lets not forget there are good ones to and what as become of the material that were sent to be analised, do we know what they are yet?

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 10:33 AM
All the original data has been "lost of stolen". There's no hatred of Mr. Meier here, I can say at least from me. I have contempt for what he did and does, but not the person...I dont know him personally.

The film you refer to has been very, very thoroughly proven to be a model from a tether. The tree most likely in my opinion is a model tree, with a small aquarium tube or such to make it move. For such a large tree, the movement of the "blowing" is very quick, and doesnt match the scale mass of the tree....look at any large tree and watch the top blow with the wind, it's very different. Meier's "tree" blows like a small object such as a model tree or Bonsai.

To note, that tree was "eliminated" by the so called Pleadians. However I know personally people who've asked the residents of the home pictured in that film, who lived there during that filming, and may still, and they unequivocally said there was never a tree there.

Meier's answer to that? The Pleadians altered the memories of the people who live there to believe there never was a tree.


If you look deep enough into the evidence, at least the film and photos (which is my personal interest) you find everything from stop motion to out of scale elements and focus / depth of field problems, to mighty strong evidence of small models being used.

However supporters will continue to avoid these issues and present their own "answers" to explain the case's extreme shortcomings. One cannot fathom why if there were over 1200 photos taken, that NOT ONE original exists to be tested with today's technology.

The "metal sample" dissapeared, and although there is claimed to be more, none have been forthcoming after challenges by IIG West to submit them for independant testing. There's just nothing to test, nothing to look at, except an "analysis" report done in the 70's, most of which done by people who had alot to gain by the case being "real". However the original data they supposedly worked on is gone. I know of one person quoted in the media that was involved in doing image work, whom said essentially that they altered colors on the Meier photos, and even put in a reflection, at the request of one of the investigators. Thats an alteration of evidence...and thats real bad.

I can hardly say why people still pay any mind to it...I dont think most do, much to the aggravation of the case's supporters. They issue challenges to duplicate the evidence, and make offers to submit all evidence...yet they dont have any to be submitted that can be tested. It's just more spin.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 10:34 AM
To answer your question 'who is billy meier' I've done an ATS search for you. Here are the results for Billy Meire some of which are very recent , with this being the most current one
Perhaps after reading through some of the threads on this much discussed subject, you could add your thoughts to one of them.

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