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Overdue Hello

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 08:33 AM
Just a quick hello to whoever reads. I have been an avid and faithful "lurker" for over two years now, but just recently decided to take the plunge. I will mostly continue to lurk, but I wanted the opportunity to post if I felt I had something to contribute that hasn't been tossed around hundreds of times already.

I have always been amazed by the relative speed of the boards and by how quickly the veteran posters whip facts, links and overall evidence out in the blink of an eye. I myself have never experienced/seen anything unusual excepts for my regular and persistant bouts of Deja Vu.

There are many things I believe in, others not so much, but all of it gives me fuel for thought and allows me to look at life in various perspectives. What more can you ask for? The truth I guess.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 08:34 AM
All The Secret

Glad you could find us here at the great ATS, enjoy your long stay!


posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 10:14 AM
Hello VoiVod13 and welcome to ATS.


posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 09:26 PM
VoiVod, I'm glad you finally gave in and deacided to do more than lurk.

is a hand book of links that may help you answer some questions you have about stuff on ATS

If you have any questions feel free to u2u me, or any other staff member. After you have made 20 posts, you can u2u with all members.

Also, for avatar info, here are kinglizard's avatar instructions and a reminder to all ATS members.

Also, here's a great link to help you organize your favorite forums. It will also keep threads you post in as favorites:
This link is also up at the top as myATS

And, don't forget to check out PTS and BTS. You can log in to these other two forums with your ATS login information.

Have a good time here

Welcome to ATS

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 04:59 PM
Thank you for the warm welcome all, and thank you DTOM for the EXCELLENT resources, much obliged.

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 05:19 PM
Hello im new at this but wanted to sat hi! hope you have a great day

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