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[b]The USA Government Should Never Declare WAR on its own people. LIKE THIS! Do You Agree?[/b]

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 11:32 PM
The USA Government Should Never Declare WAR on its own people. Period! Do You Agree? WACO LIKE!

Firstly this thread is dedicated to finding out the truth. The News that is NOT coming in from New Orleans area is The number of murders and arrests that are taking place in that city. Why don't they want us to know?

The stories coming out of the entire region are shocking, and I feel that law enforcement officers were outmatched, as was FEMA. These poor people have lost everything and they have also been mistreated in all of this because of the poor allocation of resources prior to the storm. These people are OUR People. They are Americans. These people are in shock and the chaos left behind from the lack of leadership has already lead to many thousands of Un-nessesary Deaths.

Now because of the failures of local law enforcement, local government, and FEMA. The Congress had no choice but to allow the US WAR MACHINE
to come to the rescue. They are soldiers. They are trained to kill. and given Shoot to Kill Orders...against OUR OWN PEOPLE. It could be me or you there instead of these unfortunate people. There are Laws that have been on the records since 1800's that prevent the U.S Military from engaging in Law Enforcement on US Soil. Gee, can you figure out why they made this law? its Called Posse Comitatus... and it has been Suspended by the Bush Administration.

Now i want you to take into consideration the source, this is coming from our Government's Homeland security's just a clip from the site above.


"The original 1878 Posse Comitatus Act was indeed passed with the intent of removing the Army from domestic law enforcement.

Following the Civil War, the Army had been used extensively throughout the South to maintain civil order, to enforce the policies of the Reconstruction era, and to ensure that any lingering sentiments of rebellion were crushed. However, in reaching those goals, the Army necessarily became involved in traditional police roles and in enforcing politically volatile Reconstruction-era policies. The stationing of federal troops at political events and polling places under the justification of maintaining domestic order became of increasing concern to Congress, which felt that the Army was becoming politicized and straying from its original national defense mission. The Posse Comitatus Act was passed to remove the Army from civilian law enforcement and to return it to its role of defending the borders of the United States."


I want to make 1 thing clear. I think that the military should be in New Orleans. Local Autorities Failed, FEMA Failed... The US Military is the only one that can litteraly save them. These people need our help. We need the military to do Search and Rescue Missions, and the bring food and water and salvation to every katrina survivor.

But thats NOT why they are there! They are there to Return Order to the Sunken City with Shoot To Kill Orders.

Shoot to Kill for what? For Looting a TV? For Stealing Food or Water? For Carrying a Gun? For Getting together in a Group and Rioting? Rape?

Do we Kill Cold Blooded Murder, our own people for these crimes?

Do we?

We are Still Americans right? We still believe in Presumed Innocence until being found guilty, after a trail, by a jury of your own peers... Right?

I wouldn't be suprised if all of a sudden we didn't anymore. Just look at how the US Constitution has been ignored, are your, and my rights get taken away every day.

Now Bush has broken open the seal of Posse Comitatus.

George Bush, when are you going to be done killing Americans?

These are OUR PEOPLE!


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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 11:44 PM
I doubt if Bush even knows what "Posse Comitatus" is much less being able to pronounce it. Please look up articles on Martial Law and the provision of using military forces (The Guard) for purposes of maintaining order. The Guard is supposed to be made up of people from the state that the governor can call upon in time of crisis and declare Martial Law in area in cooperation with the sheriff or mayor.
Here's the teeth kicker, the illegal war in Iraq is tying up of Guard that would have been there to respond. These are born of the militia declared in the second amedment. Something I've complained about. We don't have the arsonals we need to defend or cities when we need to form a militia!

posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 11:59 PM
The problem was not that the National Guard 'couldn't' handle it, it's that the National Guard WOULDN"T handle it. They refused to enter the superdome to restore order, because they feared for their lives, if I remember correctly.

The Army in a US city is not what this country needs right now. The tragedy could have been mitigated, or even prevented, if sensible measures had been undertaken.

The entire DHS debacle defies rational explanation. The schmucks in charge had THOUSANDS of people assigned to carry the ball, and when the time came, they all ran headlong into each other, and the goddamn ball definitely got dropped.

This is entirely predictable! When you have a monolithic, top-heavy goverment unconcerned for the welfare of its people, something is bound to give. Crumbling infrastructure + Worsening weather = big catastrophe with massive loss of human life and property.

Resorting to the Military option was neither well-advised nor necessary.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 12:25 AM
Yeah. We shouldn't have called the military. We should have called the Ghostbusters. Or maybe wait a few months while we train some unarmed force of Care Bears.

The benefit of either the police or the military is they carry the threat of force. Their goal is not to kill but prevent killing and lawlessness because they carry the superior strength.

Why people are whining about this, I cannot concieve.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 12:29 AM
because sum people believe that the idea u just told us is the deception that will lead to further turmoil

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 12:33 AM
WyrdeOne, you are more than likely right about the Guard since they were spread to thin doing rescues. I think they also assumed the dome had shelter and supplies so it was low on the priority. Two surrounding Parishes had to form their own search and resue while protecting the little that was left. The levee breech that was the most shown on TV had nothing to do with NOLA, it was on the Chalmette side of that canal. That town was almost completely destroyed.

The more we watch this story unfold the more lies are told to cover butts. We lived there, we know how the place ran and the lay of the land. You will hear of looters burning down a mall. They are saying the looters came from Orleans but in fact those looters were from that community since sheriifs deputies and guardsman were blocking the only bridge accessible to the area. The mayer gave permission for people to cross the connection to the other parish unaware of the police block. This crowed of mostly families with women and children were stopped at gunpoint at the top of this 175+ feet tall bridge that has ramps that are close to a mile long. These stories are getting distorted and confused as I type this. What was the problem is that the Mayer of Orleans could not contact the Parish President (Marshall) to ask for passage so busses and aide could reach the people easier than having to go all the way into the city. Also in this same crowd were foriegn tourist kicked out of their hotel for official business.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 12:49 AM

Originally posted by Where2Hide2006

These poor people have lost everything and they have also been mistreated in all of this because of the poor allocation of resources prior to the storm. These people are OUR People.

Obviously they were not OUR People 7 days ago. Seven days ago they were not dependant upon the local government that the people of this area empowered to rule over them.

Now they are dependant for their very survival on those they chose.

A governor that waited over 50 hours to request federal assistance?

The people picked a winner there!! Obviously her main concern was her people, for look how well she served in their hour of need!

And look how well the people they chose served them.

Should the president have the power to impose martial law on a state without the governor's request or approval and without declaring war?

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