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Sick of the Racial BS...

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 08:39 PM
I read this, and it just pisses me off at the way people think, so I just had to respond...

****It's a racial thing...of course! Racists America still stands!

****I really think that this whole situation is a racial thing. But it's a high-tech racial thing. They don't want to admit they are doing this, but on the other hand are showing their racial side. It took the refugees five days to even reach the area. Now, N.O. is 98% african-american, and I'll be damned if it was a city that was predominately caucasion, they would be there in a heart-beat.

WOW... either you are just an angy black or don't live in the US. Typical knee-jerk reaction from a racist black... if the government isn't there the day before yesterday, they are obviously racist.

****Why did it take so long for them to get there? If it was a country that the U.S. is in a war situation, the troops would be there in less than 24hours. They did the same thing in Liberia. When they needed assistance from the U.S. Military to cease the rioting and rebel power, it took the troops days to even set foot on the island to help these people. But, I don't understand how, when the troops are in the U.S., take so long to get to a city inside of the U.S., but if it were a war in another country, they'd be there any less than 24 hours.

The fact is, it took over a several weeks for us to get "physical" aide over to the tsunami victims. The reason it took so long for action to be taken in Liberia is because we had to go through the UN beaurocratic bull#, it was NOT a US only action!!... the question here is why didn't Kofi Anon do anything for his "brothers" sooner?? It is a MAJOR logistical problem... New Orleans is now under water, not deep enough and too crouded for cargo vessles to get through, and if they could, how would they get there??There is no inland access to get a ship to New Orleans. All roads are blocked, or underwater, too deep and clogged for military vehicles, both regular and amphibious, to get through. we can get helicopters ther, but there has to be fuel accessable to keep them going, same with the watercraft being used. What about getting people in there to get people out?? OH... didnt you hear, us whites have a transporter just like on Star Trek, to get help in just for non-blacks, and I am sure you would believe that too.

****Now my concern about these people giving money to the Red Cross is if the money is really going to the familes as they say they were? Or are you going to only give it to the high-class citizens? Just like 9/11. There were several families including african-americans who did not get a dime as the government said they would.

Yes, money will go to help people... white AND black. The money for 9/11 didn't just go to "high-class" citizens, in fact, most "high-class" citizens were left out of the 9/11 financial aide because of thier already thick wallets. People that were left out were people that had no claim or proof of need for the aide. I am sure if you looked harder, you would find that there are whites in that list, not just blacks.

****So why waste time trying to give money to an organization who is not going to be fair to ALL of the people who need the money to get back on their feet. So what's going to be done to those who aren't insured? They couldn't prevent that disaster from happening. And to them, they were living happily before the storm hit, now they went from first to worse. What's going to be done with the poverty level and those who had houses but lost them?

Personally, if you are stupid enough to live in an area that is 6-20' below sea-level, in the continual path of hurricanes, and don't have any kind of insurance, you don't deserve to get any help from the government. I know there will be alot of bitching because most of the damage is flood realted, and IF you can get flood insurance down there (I highly doubt it since N.O. is in a flood plain), it would be more expensive than most people could afford. I live in Upstate NY, next to the Genessee Rive which is a flood plain, even though we have not had a flood in several decades (40 years+), it is still way too expensive even for the average white Joe to afford. But you know, people such as youself will only think that it only effects the blacks.

****This is a wake-up call for America. WE bomb every nation that has oil, but find no weapons of mass destruction, and now look what happened over here. It's a revenge type of thing because the high power is sending a message to our nation's president. Don't bomb people for riches, and that's one reason why nature made it's way to show who is still in charge!

OH MY GOD... I could completely blow this part away, but it would take to long, so I will just let your ignorance show through...

****This is a wak-up call! Stop being so damn racists, and help the U.S. citizens. We are all citizens or soon to be citizens of the U.S., and you treat many african-americans and other races as if we are a potential enemy. If we are so-called the United States, why can't the people within the states be united as well to each other?

I am guessing from this last peice that you are new to the States, or at least VERY ignorant. The fact that you only see racism in this catastrophe shows that YOU are the racist one! I don't know if you were taught at birth that all white Americans are racist, or you were taught that blacks are always treated as lesser people, but from what I have learned is that most blacks in the US are more racist and ignorant than a Georgian plantation owner in the 1800's. Blacks are routinely taught that Whites are bad, and racist, so if something doesn't go their way... OH IT'S THE WHITE DEVIL TRYING TO KEEP US DOWN!!! Trust me, my black friends have told me this (and I have plenty of black friends).

But wait... if N.O. is 98% black, that would mean that 98% of the poeple being saved and evacuated and, 98% of the people that receive aide will be black. Just because there are blacks that haven't been rescued, and I am sure a few blacks that won't get aide (but I highly doubt it), that doesn't make it racism. The fact is most of the people doing the rescueing are WHITES... HOLY CRAP!!! A whites helping black?!?! Here in America?!?! Infact if anything, what is going on in N.O. show how UN-racist white Americans and Americans in general are.

It really pisses me off at the gaul of people that believe that they are entitled to everything just because of there color... people that think all whites are racist because af what they are taught, or are just to ignorant to see that everone are treated as equals, that means blacks get arrested and thrown in jail JUST LIKE WHITES!! Again I could go on about this forever but time and space won't permit.

I guess what I am trying to say is... get your head out of your ass. If you see racism here, I feel VERY sorry for you, and would suggest you become a citizen in some other country!!

Lastly I would suggest you STOP using the term "We"... you are not one of us... not yet anyway, and from the way you sound, I hope you never become one of "us" because you would be just part of the problem.

posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 09:19 PM
Please add any further comments to the following thread.

Why does this have to turn into a race issue?

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