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carefree attitude or just plain stupid

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 08:31 PM
I came across this e-mail from

I am 86 years old and flew to New Orleans on Friday 8/26/02 to meet my son, Maj. Charles Herring & wife, who were flying in from Heidelberg, Germany for an Army conference. He is to redeploy to Iraq shortly and I wanted to spend a few days with him. We were staying at the Ritz-Carlton and had enjoyed a great day visiting Harrah's Casino and dining at Emeril Lagasse's restaurant. Saturday was utter chaos and it declined from there. It was a horrific experience but I met tremendous people ... It is one event in my life that supercedes the previous 86 years of experiences! We were reduced to 1/2 glass of water daily and a cracker with a bite of cheese. But we are the lucky ones -- we are alive! God Bless the people of Louisana!

I'm fairly certain the "02" date reference is incorrect on account of the remaining story. What I'm trying to understand here is why in the hell would anyone knowingly visit a location that had a major hurricane en route. The nonchalant day of wining & dining I guess was great but did it just not occur to these people what exactly was going on. Perhaps an isolated case but I think a lot of people took a sitback approach on account of previous hurricanes. Maybe they figured that if Florida could get pounded by so many last year it wouldn't be all that bad. Obviously some were mistaken and of course hindsight is handy.


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