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Authorities Favored VIPs over Superdome’s Desperate

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 04:50 PM
Rescue missions prioritized tourists and hotel employees, evacuating them first from the Superdome, then from a swank hotel, forsaking tens of thousands in worse circumstances in the process.

As thousands of New Orleans residents -- the vast majority of them poor and black -- waited for days in squalid and nightmarish conditions for rescue, authorities prioritized tourists and hotel guests for evacuation.

With no electricity, plumbing, food or water, crowds had been forced to fend for themselves against hunger, thirst, sickness and violence.

"How does this work?" asked Howard Blue, who had been waiting in line to evacuate, the Associated Press reported Friday night. "They [are] clean, they are dry, they get out ahead of us?" According to the AP, National Guard soldiers prevented Blue and others from boarding buses while they assisted the "well-dressed" tourists with their bags and whisked them out of town.

In a press release, Hyatt confirmed that guest who had remained there during and after the hurricane had been relatively well provided for. "The approximately 900 guests that remained on the premises following Katrina's powerful blow -- primarily hotel staff and their families, officials, and those in emergency-related roles -- were safely relocated to the hotel's well-sheltered ballroom, exhibit hall areas and serviceable guest rooms where they were kept comfortable following the hurricane," reads the release. "A convoy of food and supplies provided by Hyatt hotels in Atlanta and Houston arrived at Hyatt Regency New Orleans on Wednesday of this week."

Food and supplies did not arrive at the Superdome until Friday night.

NewStandard News

So, that's how it Works.

The "Well-Dressed" have the Priority over the Poor and the "Badly-Dressed"?

No wonder so many people have died in this Disaster of a "Evacuation".

On the other hand - the Presdient was playing Golf when Katrina Struck. What did we Expect?

Interesting that when a Cat 5 Hurricane hits Cuba, the "Tyrannt" Castro can evacuate 1.5 Million people to safety and even with 20.000 destroyed homes, nobody lost a life. No looting. No raping. No killing. Why is that?

posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 04:52 PM
Repeat, please use the search, these people had paid 25 grand to get out and thier buses where hijacked by the goverment before the buses could get there.

[edit on 4-9-2005 by SpittinCobra]

posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 05:01 PM
Beat me to it SC.

Feel free to add to that thread.


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